Eliza & Timmy - Blockbuster Season 1 Episode 1
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Timmy deals with Jeff, a customer who hasn't been in for a few years. Jeff says he's been watching Netflix. All the staff comment on Jeff's woes (his partner left him) and suggest some great breakup films. Timmy gives him Under The Tuscan Sun, and Jeff leaves.

Eliza gives Timmy the phone -- it's Don from corporate. Don informs Timmy that seven more Blockbusters have closed, making theirs officially the last one on Earth. Don bids Timmy goodbye, saying the corporate has been liquidated.

Eliza and Timmy go out, trying to make a plan of what to do. Timmy notes the places in the neighborhood that have closed and how he misses the people who ran them. Eliza suggests that maybe it's not a bad thing that they are at the last Blockbuster and can use that distinction to their advantage.

The rest of the staff watch from the store window across the street. They wonder why Timmy is so upset. Kayla explains that they are the last Blockbuster, which is probably why Timmy's freaking out.

Eliza suggests throwing a block party. Timmy remarks that she seems energized, and Eliza says she's happy to have something exciting since she had to return to her high school summer job after her husband cheated on her.

Timmy and Eliza share the block party suggestion with the staff, who are unsure, and worried they will all lose their jobs. Timmy gives them a pep talk, saying they need to connect with other humans. He gives a rousing speech, quoting Independence Day, saying they will sign up more members and survive.

They set their plan in motion, working on publicity, marketing, and snacks. Timmy and Eliza visit Percy at the party store, hoping to convince him to let them use the strip mall. Percy refuses, saying it would be boring. He says if they do it his way, he'll help out -- foam machine, DJ, inflatable gorilla.

Timmy agrees, but Eliza is dubious. Timmy insists it's their one shot to attract as many new members as possible. Timmy lets it slip to Percy that Eliza's husband cheated. Eliza gets mad and leaves them to it.

Timmy goes after Eliza, and she tells him he's still mentally in high school. Again, Timmy mentions (in front of the entire staff) that Eliza's husband cheated on her, which embarrasses Eliza, and she drives away.

That evening, Timmy, Carlos, and Percy go out for drinks. Carlos suggests Timmy has a thing for Eliza. Percy confirms that Timmy had a crush on Eliza in high school. Timmy denies feelings for Eliza now but asks Carlos if he thinks Eliza likes him.

Percy advises him to avoid getting involved with co-workers. Carlos advises Timmy to express his feelings for Eliza at the block party.

The block party is in full swing. Carlos and Hannah fill up the foam machine and discuss future plans. Timmy interrupts them, asking if Eliza has shown up. The DJ Battle begins. Timmy finds Percy and tells him he wants to make a speech from the heart.

Percy says he has one more surprise, then Timmy can do his speech. Percy sets off some fireworks, one of which pierces the giant inflatable gorilla. The gorilla falls, animals from the petting zoo escape, and people leave.

As everyone cleans up into the evening, Eliza arrives, offering to help. Suddenly, a local news crew shows up, asking Timmy about the "viral TikTok gorilla attack." Timmy begins explaining but then goes into his impassioned speech about human interaction and how people should support local businesses and Blockbuster and human interaction.

Jeff shows up, saying how Timmy suggested the perfect movie for him -- Under The Tuscan Sun. The news anchor suggests Timmy take them for a tour through the last Blockbuster on the planet.

Hannah and Carlos realize that Kayla posted the TikTok video to embarrass Timmy and Percy (her father). Percy is overjoyed that Kayla called him "dad."

Eliza comes into Timmy's office, congratulating him on the publicity. Timmy tells her they have 87 new memberships. Timmy apologizes for what he said about her divorce and that she inspired him to grow up.

They both awkwardly almost confess feelings for each other, but she sidesteps by acknowledging that divorce is traumatizing, especially for the kids who had to go through it (like Timmy).

Aaron, Eliza's husband, shows up to pick her up. Eliza explains to Timmy that she wants to give Aaron another chance, for their daughter's sake, given what Timmy went through during his parents' divorce. Timmy wishes her the best in her relationship. Eliza thanks him and leaves.

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Blockbuster Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

Eliza: What you need is to grow up.
Tim: What? I’m hella grown up.

I’d love to work with animals, but it’s tough with the language barrier.