Thimble display - Blockbuster Season 1 Episode 9
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Timmy gives the staff a project -- setting up a promotional display. Eliza enters, dressed in a suit, announcing she has a job interview at a car rental place. She shows them her résumé, and they call her out for padding it with half-truths.

Donna and Mark, the snack vendors, stock the display. Timmy says he won't be able to pay until next week. Donna orders Mark to pack the snacks back up.

Connie and Hannah prepare to assemble the display for "Thimble 2: Thumb Wars." Connie assures Hannah that this is like a puzzle, and Connie considers herself a puzzle expert.

Kayla, looking at her phone, walks into the boxes and knocks over the display pieces. Percy appears, offering her a mango smoothie, but she refuses and storms away. Hannah and Connie wonder if something is going on with Kayla.

Some stoner customers (Eric and Dustin) come in to buy snacks, but Timmy tells them he has none to sell. He gets an idea and heads to the back.

Carlos applies to film school. Timmy comes in and asks for the Thimble 2 promo candy, which he intends to sell.

Timmy mentions that he is disappointed to be losing Eliza, and when Carlos calls him on it, Timmy insists that he's happy in his relationship with Lena.

Eliza is in Timmy's office, doing relaxation exercises. Timmy brings her a Jumanji 2 promo snack since he knows she wouldn't have eaten. He says he can't imagine Blockbuster without her, but her moving on is important.

Timmy mentions that Aaron must be excited for her. She tells him that Aaron doesn't know, and though she tried to tell him, he wasn't listening. Timmy assures her Aaron will be excited once he knows and leaves her to continue her interview prep.

Connie and Hannah continue to work on the Thimble 2 "puzzle" without much success. A suspicious male customer (Joel) lurks around them.

Kayla complains that it's too loud, and Hannah suggests she go home if she's not working.

Kayla says her mom is at home and being annoying, so she's looking for an apartment and has found a great option. Hannah and Connie congratulate her on taking a big step but offer to look at the apartment with her.

Timmy talks on the phone, giving Eliza a glowing reference. Eliza emerges from the back and overhears him. He hangs up, and Eliza thanks him.

Connie continues to work on the Thimble 2 display while Carlos and Hannah watch, concerned. Joel approaches Connie and offers to help. Connie snaps at him to back off.

Some Western music plays, and Connie orders all non-Blockbuster employees to clear the area. Joel retreats.

Timmy sells some "Before Sunrise" gummies to Dustin and Eric. Eliza returns from her interview, and Timmy asks her how it went. She tells him that she didn't take the job because she realized that Blockbuster needs her, and she wants to be somewhere she can make an impact.

Timmy confides in the Dustin and Eric that he thinks Eliza should move on. The stoners suggest that he should do what they do in the movies. Timmy heads out.

Kayla excitedly announces that she got the apartment -- she just needs to pay a $100 pre-deposit to view it. Carlos, Connie, and Hannah all warn her that this sounds extremely sketchy, but she won't hear it.

Carlos, Connie, and Hannah tell Percy about Kayla's apartment hunting and how it sounds like she's being scammed. Percy realizes he needs to step up and help his daughter.

Timmy heads to the car rental place, Round The Clock, and tells the owner, Andrea, that they must consider fighting for Eliza even if she refused their initial offer. Andrea tells Timmy that they didn't offer Eliza the job and that she did not speak highly of Blockbuster.

Percy finds a dejected Kayla. Kayla confesses that she got scammed. He hugs her and assures her he will take care of it.

Joel checks in and asks how long the display will take. He confesses that he is a "Thimble Head" and wants to be the first to stick his thumb in.

Carlos questions Eliza about how she could turn down a job with so many benefits. Timmy returns and confronts Eliza about her lies and the horrible things she said about Blockbuster to Andrea.

Eliza is ashamed and apologetic, so Timmy covers for her, proclaiming that Round The Clock was planning to offer her more money, but he stopped them, as she is his best employee. He says he will increase her salary.

Carlos and Hannah are relieved that Eliza is staying.

Percy asks Kayla why she needs an apartment so badly. Kayla complains about her mom, and Percy sympathizes but defends Shaina's actions, saying she is just looking out for her daughter.

Percy tells Kayla she is welcome at his place whenever she needs a break. He also reassures her that he has fallen for many scams in his time.

Connie reveals the completed Thimble 2 display. Joel wants to put in his thumb, but Connie says she deserves to be first. She puts her thumb in, but the display clenches onto her thumb, and she can't release it.

The voice of the Thimble distorts. Finally, Carlos has to grab a fire extinguisher and knock the display apart. Connie's thumb is released. Joel is horrified.

Connie confesses that she let the puzzle thing get out of hand -- it was what she was good at growing up, and she was worried she had lost her "thing." Hannah assures Connie that there are lots of things she is good at, and she and Carlos list Connie's many talents.

Timmy and Eliza throw the broken Thimble 2 display into the dumpster. Eliza apologizes for her harsh words in the job interview. She thanks Timmy for being in her corner -- Aaron thinks he looks out for her, but he actually doesn't. Eliza says that Lena is lucky to have Timmy.

Timmy suggests more ideas to make the Blockbuster experience special for the customers. He offers her the position of Assistant Manager, and she accepts.

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Blockbuster Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Percy: Are smoothies canceled? Did Gary over at Smoothie Sips get caught up in another animals-riding-unicycles scandal?
Connie: Again? Those poor raccoons.

Hannah: Does Kayla seem more “Kayla” to you?
Connie: Maybe she’s vibing. That's a word I’ve seen on the internet.