Lexi Gets a Lead - Blood & Treasure
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Jay Reece tracks and rescues Danny from the elevator shaft at the Sauber Depot. Imposters from the Brotherhood tried but failed to steal Cleopatra from the Nazis in 1944. Lexi identifies the masked Fabi as a Brotherhood of Serapis member, but he wants to know what she discovered. She picks her handcuffs and tries to escape. Fabi invites Lexi to work with him. He wants her to steal a file from Farouk's Egyptian mole, Sharif Gazal. She insists on having Danny's help. Anna has connected the Brotherhood to murders throughout history. Lexi walks in on Danny showering. Lexi convinces Danny to take him to Jay's reception in Geneva. Farouk plans to steal back the Egyptian antiquities from the tomb to fund his expedition. Lexi sneaks away, taking photos of the relics. Danny can tell she's up to something. Farouk's men intercept the convoy carrying the antiquities and swaps in fakes for the real relics. Jay insists on sending the fakes back to Egypt. Lexi tells Danny Sharif is the mole, but she won't let him tell Gwen. Lexi had gotten Gazal's fingerprint so she can open his safe. Danny plans a trip to Cairo to distract Gazal so Lexi can break into his safe. His safe is full of files, but Gazal isn't cooperating, wanting to go back to work. Danny accuses him of being the mole, which makes him sit down to talk. Lexi found a fragment of a letter from Farouk to her father, thanking him for his help. They get attacked by Brotherhood members, who grab her phone. Anna wants everyone to take a step back since so many people have been killed chasing after Cleopatra. Lexi confronts Fabi. He gives her a choice if she wants to get to Farouk: work with them or stay with Danny. 

Blood & Treasure
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Blood & Treasure Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

I have to say I'm hurt. I was missing and you're here luxuriating.

Lexi [to Danny]

Jay: You will be the hero of the hour.
Danny: I don't want to be the hero. I just want to find Lexi.