On the Case - Blood & Treasure
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Danny and Lexi are trying to determine what castle was in the photo. Danny finds it: Castle Schadelburg in Bavaria. Fabi rescues his Brotherhood colleague Max, but confirms Max was Farouk's mole in Castillo's expedition and kills him. Danny finds an old painting of the castle and compares it with a new map, to find changes after World War II. Lexi figures out the combination to the lock on the hidden compartment, where they find a replica of Cleopatra's tomb. Danny discovers a coded message in invisible ink, but needs Father Chuck's help to decode it. A flashback to 2014 shows how Danny rescued Simon Hardwick from Farouk in Iraq. Gwen and Fabi interrogate Hardwick. He said he thought Max was working for the Brotherhood of Cerebus, but he doesn't want his name connected to that intel, for fear of death. Danny and Lexi argue over what happens when they catch up to Farouk. He wants Farouk put on trial while Lexi wants to kill him for her father's death. Chuck determines that Cleopatra may have been stored at a nearby old Panzer base. Danny and Lexi are being followed by the Brotherhood. They go through a fake wall which leads to a freight elevator. They climb down and discover Nazi gold and the top of Cleopatra's sarcophagus. Lexi climbs up and finds Farouk holding a gun on her. He doesn't recognize her until she tells him her name. She won't cooperate and he kicks her back down the shaft but Danny grabs her. Danny admits Lexi is his "mucho grande," that thing he can't forget. Lexi climbs out and is grabbed by the Brotherhood goons, who shut the cover. Then Danny's ladder breaks away from the wall and he falls to the bottom, trapped. 

Blood & Treasure
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Blood & Treasure Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Danny [to Chuck]: You said she was the devil.
Lexi: That was before we bonded over making fun of you.

Ah, Nazis! They sure loved their castles.

Lexi [to Danny]