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Danny confronts Fabi and suggests an alliance. They warn him that Gwen may be onto him. Fabi goes to the airport but Gwen and the police head him off. He tries to run from her but she takes him down and arrests him for murder. Danny and Lexi go in search of Moshe Cohen, a reclusive Nazi hunter, in hopes he can point them to where the Nazis may have taken Cleopatra. Gwen interrogates Fabi. Together they figure out that Lt. Steiner fled to Montreal. Fabi escapes from his colleagues then calls for help from the Brotherhood. He's trying to track where Danny and Lexi went. In 1945, Steiner's Projekt Athena went terribly wrong, leading to a nearby dam breaking and flooding the area. Danny and Lexi find that dam that may have been a safe haven for Nazis. Caroline, a dam worker, gives them a tour and mentions an old, nearby weather station. Danny and Lexi, pretending to be filmmakers, meet George Larose, the caretaker of the weather station. They find a Nazi shield there. Fabi reaches the dam and recognizes Larose's photo. Larose tases Danny and Lexi. Larose tells Danny that Cleopatra's long gone, that he got rid of her after his father died. He stabs Danny with a sharpened awl. Fabi finds Lexi and cuts her loose. Danny tells Larose that he's hunting Farouk. Larose sold Cleopatra to a drug smuggler. Since Fabi killed Larose's father, Larose takes Lexi as a hostage. Fabi tells Lexi that Larose killed his partner, who was Lexi's mother. Lexi stabs Larose to escape, then Fabi and Larose shoot each other. Lexi's mother was in the Brotherhood, not her father. Fabi dies. Her mother wanted Lexi to follow in her footsteps. Danny gives Fabi's pendant to Lexi, so she can infiltrate the Brotherhood.

Blood & Treasure
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Blood & Treasure Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Your plan is to break Fabi out of the Carabiniere like it's the sheriff's office in an old Western?

Danny [to Lexi]

I think the word "befoul" isn't helping us here.

Danny [to Lexi]