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Danny and Lexi are in Paris. She plans to hook up with the Brotherhood of Serapis. Gwen arrests Father Chuck. Lexi meets Alessandro and Alina of thE. Lexi visits her mother's tomb. Alina explains the history of the Brotherhood to Lexi. Lexi introduces Alina to Danny. She tells them Chuck has been arrested. Together they determine that Farouk may still have a living relative, Nadio. Chuck counsels Gwen. Chuck suggests Gwen break into Fabi's apartment. Alina invites Lexi to join the Brotherhood. Danny and Lexi find where Nadia is being treated in Moldova. They try to convince a doctor to use Nadio as bait for her uncle, Farouk. Farouk sees Lexi in the shadows. He escapes thanks to a security team Taj had put in place. Farouk dropped a bag, which indicates he's in Cyprus. They recruit Simon to help them figure out where Farouk bought the music box in the bag. Simon says they need him to find the right pirates in Cyprus. Danny calls Gwen about their lead. Gwen finds secret files in a violin case in Fabi's apartment, then escapes police by going out on the ledge. Simon tells Lexi and Danny that he's bugged the Brotherhood's crypt. Their plan is to stop Farouk from loading the pirates' ship. Simon knocks off a crowbar, giving away their position. After a firefight, Simon kills Farouk. With Gwen's help, they recapture Anthony's sarcophagus. Gwen asked Danny to help her track down what Fabi was investigating. Danny gets taken blindfolded into the Brotherhood's crypt. He figures out both Lexi and her mother were direct descendents of Cleopatra. Lexi refuses to join the Brotherhood. Danny and Lexi have a heart-to-heart talk and admit they are good for each other. Taj grabbed the biological weapon Farouk had created in Russia.

Blood & Treasure
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Blood & Treasure Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

I've been visiting an empty grave for 20 years.

Lexi [to Alina]

Hey, can you grab my comfy shoes? And don't tell me who wins the game.

Father Chuck