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-Miley, a reporter and Sophie, a runway model and Linda's niece both collapse at Fashion Week. Miley dies and Sophie is in a coma.

-Jackie and Danny investigate. Both woman were poisoned with a deadly mushroom that was imported from Morocco. 

-Sophie's boyfriend Dorian was seen on video shaving something onto her risotto at a party but it turns out it was only a truffle. Dorian also reveals that he and Sophie were seen together as a publicity stunt that Sophie's mother helped orchestrate.  

-Elana, an older model, poisoned Sophie's risotto only hoping to make her sick so she could take her place on the runway. Turns out she added too much of the poisonous mushroom and then Miley stole Sophie's plate.

-The Reagans find out that Father McMurray is being transferred from their church to a parish in Bolivia because a woman has made sexual allegations. 

-The woman has a history of mental illness but the church doesn't want the bad publicity. Father McMurray has been the family priest for decades and the Reagans are devastated.

-Frank convinces the bishop that the truth is worth fighting for and he decides Father McMurray can stay.

Blue Bloods
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Blue Bloods Season 1 Episode 19 Quotes

Everything has a cost, even the truth. But the reward for truth is a clear eye and a clear conscience.


Jackie: Oh, the sister I don't hear anything nice about.
Danny: And you never will hear anything good about her but unfortunately her daughter's in a coma because someone tried to kill her.