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A look at this week's episode:

- A man in a ski mask jumps out of a black SUV and attacks university coeds.  The first two victims have their pants removed and panties taken but the attacks escalate and the third victim is beaten and raped.

- A partial license plate leads back to the SUV of the wife of the Argentinian Deputy Counsel.  Her son, Sebastian goes to the college where the girls were attacked and may have used the SUV that evening.  Unfortunately, the whole family has diplomatic immunity.

- Frank invites the Deputy Counsel to his office to ask him to have Sebastian speak to detectives.  He refuses and leaves but Frank has DNA from his coffee cup tested.  It is a partial match to the rape leading them to believe the son may be guilty.

- Argentina refuses to revoke Sebastian’s immunity but Erin finds a loophole.  The Deputy Counsel and his wife are divorced which means she has no immunity.  When pressed, she has her son come down to the precinct. 

- Sebastian sweats all over the table (the AC was turned off) and that gives detectives a DNA sample.  It is a match to the rape.

- The attacks are a club initiation.  Members attacked girls on their “Hottie Hit List” to steal their panties.  When Sebastian had his turn he beat and raped the girl as the others watched from the SUV and did nothing to stop him.  All of the members of the club are arrested.

- Frank calls the Deputy Counsel back and explains that even though Sebastian has immunity here, he does not in Argentina where his DNA was sent.  It matches a rape case there too.

- Since he has a better chance of surviving the American justice system, Sebastian turns himself in.

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Blue Bloods Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

No, you're suppose to hit the other guy in the head.

Henry [to Jamie as he is practicing flipping his nightstick]

Right now, your case is weaker than the Mets bullpen.