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Anthony is angry that a burglar was let go with no bail requirement. The defendant tries to bait him and Anthony almost gets into a fight with him.

Garrett tells Abigail and Frank that one of their chiefs is accused of having an affair. Frank says internal affairs will not be handling this investigation. Abigail realizes that the IAB Chief is the one accused. 

Edie is in a good mood when she says hello to Jamie at the change of shift. Jamie is exhausted. Eddie hopes to see him for brunch. She gives him a list and he complains it is a honey-do list.

Baez and Danny are called to the scene of a mens club where a woman has been killed, supposedly stumbled in drunk and hit her head. Men say there are no women allowed.

Baez is sarcastic with the guys who insist there are no female members. There are no cameras in the club and no phones allowed.

Eddie tells Jamie some story about a guy who says he is wearing is roommate's pants. Jamie gets upset when Eddie calls him honey because he forgot to do her list. Eddie thinks Freud would say he forgot because he doesn't like being told what do by a woman.

The dead woman was full of drugs and alcohol, but died of a blow to the head. Baez thinks it's murder. Danny doesn't. The ME says case pending police investigation.

Sid and Abigail stake out the bureau chief. Abigail admits her guard is up with her husband after working this case. Sid says this is why he drinks rather than having an affair. There's their subject with some woan. Abigail takes photos.

Anthony talks to his mom on the phone while parked. He stops when the thief breaks into his car and steals a backpack. He arrests the guy.

Danny gets Baez White Castle and says by the way there's a triple homicide uptown. Baez says the cheeseburger is a bribe. Danny insists that this case is an accident. Baez still thinks it's a murder. She says the victim didn't have a phone on her either. So she must have known where she was going.

Sid thinks they should use facial recognition to ID the woman. Frank says Abigail knows her already. The woman was Lorraine Birch, an ex-cop Baker used to work with. She is married to the head of counter-terrorism. Frank is worried about this guy being too distracted to do his job if he learns his wife is cheating on him.

Baez and Danny go to talk to Albert. They ask him if wants to amend his statement. They want to make sure everything is right before they make a statement. His wife shows up and asks if everything is okay. They say in front of her that lying to cops is a crime. Albert sends her away. Albert asks if he can go and closes the door in their faces. 

Erin startles Anthony. She says he was stalking the perp and now the guy was caught on another misdemeanor and will be cut loose again. She doesn't like what he did and feels it was not respectful of the law. She makes him promise not to do that again

Eddie and Jamie argue again because Jamie did the list and Eddie thinks he's overcompensating. She says he's doing it just to prove she's wrong, which proved she was right. Eddie says this is all Henry, Frank, and maybe Danny's fault.

Danny and Baez interrupt Frick picking up his kid from school. They ask him why Albert called him. He lawyers up. He also throws a cup away which Danny retrieves from the trash.

Baez follows Colleen who says she can't talk to her. Baez says Colleen got him to call Fritz. Baez tells her that Frick's finger prints were on the victim.

Abigail says the Birches are happily married. Frank wants to talk to Lorraine himself. Abigail thinks that would be intimidation. Sid thinks they should just deal wtih Chief Holmes. Garrett says that will cause rumors to fly. Sid says you can't let the chief of IAB get away with this. Frank says the person who leaked this is watching.

Abigail says this is private business and none of Frank's business. Frank disagrees but no one agrees with him.

Baez and Danny confront Albert. Colleen says she knows Albert would n ot harm anyone.

Jamie is still upset about what Eddie said before. She says she didn't mean it and it wasn't nice. Jamie says he doesn't know what that means. Eddie says she doesn't like that they aren't spending any time together. She's worried about them being the only couple in the entire family. She is worried that Jamie is too comfortable being alone. Jamie says he's sorry. He gives her a list of his own. They walk off together.

Albert says the other guys send him into the stock room when they want to be with girls. He did not see the deceased until Frick and Brooks put her on the floor. She was already dead.

Baez and Danny confront Brooks who says it was Frick.

Anthony catches the burglar again. and chases after him. The thief shootss Anthony and then runs away.

Erin runs to the hospital to see Anthony. Anthony is nonchalant about it. Erin is angry that eh didn't stay away from the perp like she told him.

Frank sits in the back of a car and tells Holmes to end the affair now.

Brooks attempts to get on a private plane. He says he is going on a business trip. But he is going to a country without an extradition treaty. They say that Frick had a video of Brooks saying that he killed the girl. Brooks is arrested.

Frank's staff confronts him about Holmes. Frank says that Holmes is dropping the affair so nothing will be said. Garrett thinks it is a coverup.

At Sunday dinner, Frank doesn't want the grace to be so rushed. Eddie is confused. Everyone explains that during Christmas they like to take grace especially seriously. 


Blue Bloods
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Blue Bloods Season 10 Episode 10 Quotes

Jamie: A honey-do list.
Eddie: What?
Jamie: Honey do this, honey do that. A honey do list.
Eddie: I didn't know that was a thing.

Anthony: And the next time he crawls through somebody's window and some little old lady gets hurt, then what?
Erin: The law is the law even though it sucks.