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Eddie and her partner get involved in a shootout/chase. Eddie's partner accidentally shoots the sergeant during the chase.

Anthony and Erin talk about a guy who shot someone in the back who he claimed was robbing him. Erin and Anthony disagree about who is wrong here.

Danny is not happy about having to help out a Texas Marshal. Things quickly go south, with some guy shooting with an automatic weapon at all the cops including Danny and Baez. Some guy in a jumpsuit escapes despite Danny shooting him.

Jamie says sergeant is in surgery. He advises his officer not to talk to th family but the guy feels he has to. The husband wants to know what happened. Eddie's partner says he thinks he might have shot her. This leads to an altercation. Jamie tries to keep the peace.

Frank gets the news that the sergeant has died on the operating table. 

Garrett makes a speech about the loss. Frank takes questions. The first reporter asks whether it's true that Price was shot by friendly fire. The press goes nuts trying to find out who the shooter was and if he would be charged.

Danny meets Texas Ranger Gates. He and Danny immediately butt heads.

Erin questions the guy who shot the alleged robbers. He could only feel safe if he had a gun. 

Gates shows up at the crime scene. They find a guy in the trunk. Danny decides they need to work together.

Anthony has discovered that Landry is lying about being robbed. The victims looked like the description of two guys who robbed him six weeks earlier.

Sid warns Jamie that they are looking into his planning of this operation.

Eddie's partner is taking a leave of absence. He feels guilty about shooting Price. Some guy makes fun of him. Eddie gets in his face and they start fighting...just as Frank comes in.

Frank says at times like this tensions run high. Eddie apologizes. Frank tells the precinct to show respect for Price's memory by respecting the job and each other. 

Mayor Chase has an interest in Erin's case for some reason. Erin is against Landry. Chase thinks he's a symbol of being pushed to the brink by "urban predators." Erin says there is  no Stand Your Ground Law here. Chase tells her to find someone who can help.

Gates and Danny discuss the case. Danny keeps making fun of Gates. Gates doesn't know how to get to Queens.

Jamie has an interview with IAB about how he ran the operation. He wasn't there for the briefing. He is accused of failing to supervise because someone else supervised the actual operation.

Danny, Baes, and Gates find a new body while chasing down a lead. 

Addison comes to see Frank. Frank wants to check in on how he is. He says he's going to Florida. Frank asks if he is coming back. Addison isn't sure. Frank gives him a pep talk.

At dinner, Jamie blames himself. Eddie tries to convince him that it isn't his fault. He says it was his job to ensure the safety of his officers but he passed the buck. Eddie hopes he hasn't told IAB that.

Frank and Danny don't like Eddie's veggie burgers.  Erin says the Reagan men are not good at change and teases Frank about wearing the same sweater rom 20 years ago. Henry decides to try the burger andl ikes it.

After dinner Erin and Frank discuss her case. Erin wants to prosecute Landry but Mayor Chase is in the way.

Danny tells Jamie not to rehearse for bad news. 

Later, Danny finds Gates in his office. He has been there all night. Danny says the difference between them is that when he works overnight it's because the case is personal. Gates tells a story of how the cartel killed his partner.

Sid goes to talk to Jamie. He doesn't understand why Jamie said he failed to supervise. He says IAB cleared Jamie. It's not Jamie's fault the operation went south. 

Gates gets a lead. They got to a motel room and it appears to be empty. They pretend to leave and find Wiley hiding in the couch. Travis is arrested but the cartel shows up and starts shooting. Gates shoots two of the eight gunmen. SOme other cops show up. Turns out Gates is a Marine sniper.

Chase confronts Erin. He's not happy she's charging Landry. Erin informs him she heard his opinion. He says he lost his brother to a robbery. Erin knew that already but thinks he needs to stop letting it cloud his judgment.  She says that Joe's death always affects her work too. Chase goes.

Everyone is in dress uniform for the funeral. Frank is never ready. Danny tells Jamie he's been cleared, end of story.  Everyone tells Jamie that this is a messy job and no one will be perfect at it.

Addison comes to the funeral. He didn't want to go inside. Jamie tries to convince Addison not to quit.  Price's husband comes along. He apologizes. Addison says he shouldn't be here. Jason thanks him for coming.  He says Price's death was an accident and she wouldn't want to lose another cop too. He hugs Addison.


Blue Bloods
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Blue Bloods Season 10 Episode 14 Quotes

Anthony: People are calling him a hero.
Erin: They're also calling him a white guy who took down two unarmed black guys.

Eddie: We had a drug bust at this location a month ago.
Other Cop: What do you bet we're gonna collar the exact same knuckleheads?