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A guy comes to see Jamie. He has a bunch of photos that we don't see. He wants Jamie to get the photos removed and keep it on the down low.

Anthony comes home and finds Sam playing video games. They get in an argument when Anthony finds out that Sam didn't pass the NYPD exam.

Frank has to deal with a bitter former cop who got hurt on the job, or more specifically, that the accounting department wants to pull his pension and if they do, the man will badmouth the NYPD.

Danny and Maria investigate a homicide and discover that the victim was writing to prisoners online.

Jamie tells Eddie he tried out a new coffeemaker on the job. Then he calls her into the office and shows her the revenge porn. Eddie tells him he can't handle this. Jamie is hoping Eddie can get her to talk. Eddie wonders if the dad knows these are selfies.

Frank talks to Austin, who says his pension is not enough to make ends meet. He gets into it with Gormley. He says he deserves the money. Frank tells him he has to declare his income against the pension. The meeting does not end well. Austin thinks he deserves the money. Frank's staff thinks he is a thief.

Eddie goes to see Caitlin. She talks to her alone and tells her that she also had a guy post naked photos of her on the Internet. She tells Caitlin it isn't her fault. Caitlin says she broke up with her boyfriend and he was getting revenge. She doesn't want to escalate it. She wants the photos taken down but not if her ex gets in trouble. Plus, she doesn't want her dad to know she sent her ex the photos.

Erin is not happy that Anthony used his badge to try to find out about Sam's test results. 

Some older guy is trying to get into Winston Hill's house. He tells Danny and Maria that Winston also killed his daughter, Leah.

Danny and Maria go to see Winston. He says he didn't kill Leah. Winston says Jane was his lawyer. He is shocked and upset to hear that Jane was killed. Danny thinks Winston did it.

Anthony comes home and finds a note from Sam saying he's taken off.

Frank rants to Henry about the situation. Henry says the bean counters work for Frank, not the other way around. Frank doesn't want to be an insurance adjustor.

Anthony is upset. Erin asks what's going on with Sam. Anthony says Sam ran away. He made a couple of calls then quit.

Jamie talks to Louis, who says he was the one who called it off. He says he deleted the photos as soon as he got them. He lets Jamie have his phone and says he has nothing to hide.

Erin gets out of a police car and calls Sam. Sam says Anthony is fine without him and says he doesn't want to be a cop and that what he and Anthony had wasn't real.

Gormley talks to Austin's old partner, who keeps saying it's in the paperwork

Maria isn't sure Winston is the guy., but then they find out he and Jane were dating.

Winston says he and Jane broke up. Danny wants to know why he never mentioned the relationship. He says he didn't want to become a suspect since last time he was treated into a confession. He insists he didn't kill anyone. Maria knocks on the door. She has proof of daily threats against Winston. She says the Lockharts also threatened Jane after she won Winston's appeal. Danny has his doubts about this evidence.

Eddie and Jamie both doubt Louis posted the photos. THey are confused about why Caitlin brought Louis' name up.

Gormley has new info. Austin was not on the scene. His accident occurred because he was hiding in a closet and his sandwich dripped onto a circuit breaker.

Anthony is angry that Erin went looking for Sam. Erin apologizes. Anthony wants to know how Sam was. 

At Sunday dinner, everyone is discussing the nude photos situation. Sean says that he has a friend who lets everyone see nude photos so they won't find out her dad hits her. 

Anthony goes to see Sam. He tells him to read something. Sam can't read. Anthony takes his keys back and says he can't force him to want to be his foster child. Sam gives him a hug and then leaves.

Eddie tells Caitlin and her father that Computer Crimes will take over from here and this will now be a felony. Caitlin says that isn't fair. Jamie suggests she talk. Caitlin admits she posted the photos herself to get the boy back for breaking her heart.  Jamie and Eddie say they will not arrest her if she goes to counseling and sets the record straight about who did what.

Eddie tells the father that Caitlin is vulnerable and needs his protection more than ever.

Danny and Maria tell Mrs. Lockhart that Winston is innocent and asks where Richard is. She won't answer but then says he went to finish things with Winston. Danny and Maria head out.

Richard has a gun and is outside Winston's house. Danny and Maria arrive in time. Winston watches from across the street while Danny tries to talk Richard down. Danny knows Richard killed Jane and says if he kills Winston that's the end of his life. Danny takes the gun away and uniform cops arrive to arrest Richard.

Austin is getting ready for a speech when Frank comes to see him. He says they will keep the truth secret as long as Austin stops badmouthing the NYPD and declares his income properly. Austin doesn't think he can change his act in 2 minutes. Frank thinks he can and tells him that he is lying about the NYPD not providing him with solidarity.

Blue Bloods
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Blue Bloods Season 10 Episode 6 Quotes

Man: That's my daughter Caitlin.
Jamie: How do you know? None of these photos have a face.
Man: This is her tattoo. It's her. She's been a mess lately. I thought maybe she was getting bullied so I looked through her browser and I found these. Revenge porn, they call it. I want you to take it down.

Sam: Hey! I was on the final boss.
Anthony: I'm your final boss.