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Danny is happy Baez is back. Someone is here to report a murder. The woman is a bartender who says she overheard a guy named Joe saying he was going to kill someone. Baez thinks the bartender was drunk and so was Joe. The bartender thinks it's for real.

Baez thinks this is a thin case. Danny says his second case was a guy who snapped and killed a kid. He thinks they should investigate.

Erin is angry that a psychiatrist has said a nanny who abused her charges is not competent to stand trial. She disagrees.

Eddie drives her boss during a rainstorm, who doesn't like that she took a different route than suggested and doesn't allow talking in the car.

Mayor Chase wants Frank to talk directly with him, no press. He wants the NYPD to reinstate stop, question, and frisk. Frank says they still do that. Chase doesn't think that it's enforced enough. He also wants vagrancy laws enforced. Also he wants him to get rid of Garett and replace him with someone else. He thinks Garett cares too much about being liked.

Eddie complains to Jamie, but doesn't want him to talk to her boss. Jamie says McNichols will love Eddie once she gets to know her.

Erin is hostile to the psychiatrist. She is of the opinion that the facts are clear. The psychiatrist says being remanded to a psych hospital is not setting the perp free. Erin fires the psychiatrist. Anthony is upset but Erin won't talk about it.

Frank pours himself a drink. He tells Henry about his meeting with the Mayor and how he wants him to replace Garrett. He thinks that Chase wants to use him as a scapegoat when unpopular laws are enforced.

Danny is undercover. He tries to talk to Joe, who is not interested in him.  Danny gets him to trust him a little. Joe offers him money for "a job". He gives Danny an address and goes, apparently freaked out when a bar fight breaks out.

Garrett is in Frank's office when Frank comes in. He says the view is calming. Garrett is anxious about the changes and says he got an offer he can't pass up. He has been offered a job at Duke University that involves a lot of travel. He says that it has nothing to do with the City Hall transition. Frank will be sorry to see him go. 

Danny finds Joe at a construction site. Joe gets all mad then tells him he wants him to kill Roxy. He wants Danny to do it his way: shoot her in the head and dig her grave. He's not happy that Danny says that will take a few days.

Anthony gets a text. Meanwhile, Erin has a new shrink to talk to the defendant. Anthony says it's okay to be lost. She gave up the DA job, Nicky left, and Jack is on and off again. He thinks she is having a midlife crisis. Erin doesn't want to talk about it.

Eddie brings McNichols coffee. McNichols criticizes her twice within the space of a minute,but claims n ot to have a problem with her. McNichols says she's not going to ding her for her last name. She says Frank is a fraud and a hypocrite who deson't care about any family but his own.

Danny and Baez talk to Roxy who says she didn't date Joe. They just had two dates. Baez says they can't arrest him til they have proof this is real. They need to fake Roxy's death and take a picture.

At family dinner, Sean has made dinner for the first time and is not happy that Danny won't raise his allowance. Frank seems to not be fully present. Henry won't leave him alone. Eddie wonders if she is missing some family code. Frank says that the personnel changes in his office are confidential. He doesn't like change.

Sean understands how Frank feels. He says if Danny raises his allowance he can save to see Jack and Nicky. No one buys it.

Erin goes to see the psychiatrist, who is angry because she has also been fired by Brooklyn. Erin says she was out of line but this case should be a slam dunk. The psychiatrist says her opinoins are based on science and facts. Erin says so you stand by what you said? The psychiatrist says she didn't at first. Ever since she was mugged, she's wanted revenge on every violent person she sees. But once she realized where her feelings were coming from she put them aside. Erin gets it.

Baker tells Eddie this is the only time she is doing this. She says that McNichols' ex-husband was accused of abusive behavior. His partner recanted but Frank didn't let it go and dsciplined the ex-husband. Eventually he was fired and divorced McNichols.

Frank tells Garrett what the Mayor said. He tries to explain he doesn't agree with the Mayor. Garrett thinks Frank should give the Mayor something. Frank asks if he was surprised to get that offer from Duke. Garrett is annoyed but says yes.. Frank hopes that this is all Garrett needs to know and says "the advice to Woodward and Bernstein" before he goes.

Roxy is nervous about faking her death..

Danny says she just has to be in there a second so he can make it appear she's dead. She thanks him for believing in her. He puts makeup on her. All of a sudden she grabs a shovel. Baez warns him. It turns out the girl is the daughter of the guy Danny was talking about earlier that he arrested for the pool cue murder.

Eddie pulls over to talk to McNichols woman to woman. She pretends Jamie abused her because she texted a guy. McNichols says no one has the right to put his hands on a woman. Eddie tells her to take her own advice.  She tries to convince her to forgive herself for what Steve did to her.

Erin has made up with the psychiatrist and will use her again. The psychiatrist offers to talk if Erin needs. Anthony shows up and asks if everything is okay between them now. Erin apologizes for her overreaction.

Chase comes to see Frank -- and is surprised that Garrett is there too.  Garrett doesn't want the new job because Chase's wife is on the board of trustees and Chase and his wife have donated $50K to Duke.

Frank and Garrett tell stories about Garrett being mean and tough when he needs to be. Chase says he doesn't pave the way for people to succeed He likes to put obstacles in people's way to test them. Frank tells him we have no time for mind games. Chase is surprised that Garrett and Frank are a team and that Garrett would give up a lot of money. Frank will meet with the other candidates as they may be able to assist Garrett. Chase says once he's sworn in what he says goes.

Blue Bloods
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Blue Bloods Season 10 Episode 9 Quotes

Anthony: Come on, four nights in a row? Even bad guys have to sleep sometime.
Erin: And yet these cases don't magically prosecute themselves.

Danny: Oh, she's got that bounce!
Baez: Do I need to call HR?
Danny: I mean the bounce of a detective who is back from court.