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Some cops get into it with some bikers who are protesting in front of the courthouse because their leader is on trial. The bikers beat him up.

A lady wants to talk to Eddie. She's sure Eddie sold her accident report and that's why she got a call from a doctor when she didn't report her accident.

Erin talks to a store manager who was robbed at gunpoint. She is worried the guy will find her. A new law says Erin must give the defense attorney witness' addresses. The witness doesn't think this is fair. Nor does Erin, who stalls the defense attorney as much as she can and then warns her not to give the address to her client.

Garrett tells Frank that there is a police brutality complaint -- by an undercover.

Danny and Baez go to a murder scene. The victim is a photographer accused of sexually assaulting a bunch of his models.

Danny and Baez talk to the victim's wife. She says she sent him to a hotel until things blew over. She had no idea why he'd come back. 

They talk to an employee who says Felix was a great employer. She stays over sometimes. She was here last night but heard nothing. She is sure Mrs. Roth is not involved and Mr. Roth was not sneaking around. She says th victims are all lying.

Eddie tells Jamie the woman ran her car into a stop sign. She says every officer has access to the report. Eddie is annoyed that Jamie is questioning her.

Sid says the UC started the fight. No body cams or cell footage. Frank says to find some.

Erin complains to the DA about the policy but to no avail. Anthony finds out their witness was attacked. She blames them and won't help them anymore.

Anthony thinks they should give Katie some time but Erin agrees that Katie shouldn't trust them. Uniform says other robberies in the area don't include beating up the victim. Erin says they owe it to the other witnesses to keep them safe.

Roth's wife was a model who had sex with him after the first shoot. Danny thinks this shows he was sexually assaulting the models and maybe the wife killed him.

Alison tells the detectives she leaked what was going on to the press so Felix would get caught because she would not get custody if she filed for divorce.

Sid talks to Connor, who denies using a chokehold and says this is all about money. He keeps putting the bikers down but insists this was by the book. He's mad that Sid isn't on his side.

Long says he knows Dr Matox. Jamie asks if he's been feeding Matox accident reports an Long says there's nothing to see here and walks away.

Erin tells Anthony to get Katie protection. Anthony says they don't have the manpower to protect every witness.

Danny and Baez go to talk to the nanny again. Her father opens the door and says she isn't home. He lets the cops in. He didn't approve of her job and told her to quit but she didn't listen. He says they had a fight because she is pregnant and wanted to have an abortion.

Phone records show Melissa was calling Felix all the time. Danny and Baez think Allison might have killed Roth because of the pregnancy. They wonder why Allison gave Melissa $10k.

Frank tells Sid to cut out being upset about not being liked by the cops. Sid thinks Connor is telling the truth. Garett comes in and finds out two more citizens who were arrested made a complaint. Sid goes off on the bikers. Frank tells him the first complaint came from a cop.

Eddie thinks Jamie should drop this. He wants to go to IAB. Eddie says this is biger than he thinks. Multiple cops and mulitple precincts involved. She wants Jamie to get to the bottom of it. This is the second time she is worried about looking like a rat if Jamie goes to IAB.

At Sunday dinner Danny asks if anyone ever thinks they are in opposite world. Frank thinks his case is proof of it.

After dinner, Erin gives Frank a rink. He says he's not doing this again. Erin needs his help. He tells her to make an appointment. He says he will help keep people safe but her office has to work out the flaws in its own system.

Jamie talks to Long again, who says come meet him at the end of the tour before he calls IAB.Jamie says only i he spreads the word Eddie has nothing to do with this.

Sid, Garrett, and the UC go to see Frank and Henry. He thinks Frank should have taken his word that he was attacked. Frank says he has to protect his cover but also get both sides. The guy says he was choked and kicked in the head. He says he tried to tell him he was undercover but he was being choked. He gives Frank cell phone video.

Danny and Baez catch up with Melissa. She says Allison made her an appointment to consider her options. Danny thinks Allison is playing Melissa. Melissa says Allison didn't kill Felix. She eventually says her father did it after she lied and said she was raped.

Danny goes into a bar where the bartender says he doesn't know Hector then says he does but he's not here. Nobody wants to help. The guy presses a button on the botto of the bar. Danny goes into an alley and sees Hector get into a car. Hector tries to run away and gets caught quickly. Hector cries he didn't mean to hurt Roth. He is arrested.

Erin tells the defense attorney that the suspect's brother is the one who beat up Katie. The defense attorney denies culpability.. Erin throws her out and Anthony comes in. Erin says she didn't do anything wrong under the law. She feels like she's pushing against the same thing all the time. Anthony thinks any progress is good. 

Sid is defending Connor despite the video. Frank wants Sid to tell him what Connor has coming. Sid doens't want to be the one to decidebut Frank pushes him. He wants to put Connor on modified assignment to fleet services. Everyone is staring at him. Sid admits the guy is a bad apple and needs to be suspended and charged.

Jamie goes to the clinic and meets Long and some other cops who say the dr helped them out. They insist they're doing nothing wrong. The doctor says he couldn't afford his rent til the cops helped him out. Long says we will help him out the right way from now on. Jamie agrees to pretend he never saw anything.



Blue Bloods
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Blue Bloods Season 10 Episode 13 Quotes

Woman: He just said call the cops and I'm dead. So I just stood there and watched him take the jewels.
Erin: You did the right thing.
Woman: Can he find me? I don't know how this works. Is the police report public?

Protesters: Free Bobby Ride!
Cop: Who's Bobby?
Other Cop: Their president. He's on trial for murder.