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Erin has lost a case because the DA rushed it. The guy is a serial double-murderer. A psychiatrist comes to talk to Erin and says one of Costa's underlings who is a sociopath says he has evidence.

Eddie tries to calm an old woman down who claims her super stole her necklace. Eddie gets the woman to question herself. The woman storms off.

Danny and Baez deal with a defense attorney who is happy to defend a cocky gangster who Danny and Baez believe is guilty of a bunch of violent murders.

Frank views video of an officer beating up some people during a stop-and-frisk operaiton. The union boss is angry that Frank suspended the cop and says he's reinforcing the media narrative that the cops are evil. Frank tells Abigail afterwards that the suspended officer is Johnny's son.

Green's autopsy shows an accidental OD. Carson did the autopsy, which means it's probably legit.

Danny and Baez go to talk to Carson. She says he had a lethal cocktail of drugs in his system and fell down the steps.

Erin and Anthony meet with the sociopath. He claims to know where Costa buried some bodies. Erin asks why they should trust him? He says because he will be honest from now on. He says he will give them a piece of evidence to prove he is telling the truth.

Eddie goes to see the woman from before. She tries to talk to her but the woman is more interested in the TV. She tells Eddie she is missing a lot of stuff and the plumber stole it. She lets Eddie look at the safe in the closet. It is empty. The woman then can't find the remote she just put down.

Frank goes to talk to the officer. Sid says the investigation corroborates what they saw in the video. Frank tells him he's accountable for his actions. Limes says he was following his CO's orders. He calls 1PP the Puzzle Palace and complains that the brass are the ones who aren't being accountable. He says his family is NYPD so if he sees something wrong he calls it out.

Danny wants to talk to Carson without Baez. She says he likes Carson. He denies it.  He says he noticed something was wrong but he needed to get hard evidence first. She wasn't supposed to be working and showed up and requested that sutopsy.

At a CompStat meeting, Sid is hard on a Captain Sims over his lack of resolving graffiti problems and threatens his job.

Frank checks in with Sims right after he leaves. Sims denies being upset about what happened in the meeting.

Frank talks to Garrett and Sid. Sid denies being too hard on Sims.  He asks Garett about white shirt immunity. Sid says he can't fire brass so why can't he hold COs accountable? He accuses Frank of sounding like Limes. Frank thinks maybe Limes has a point. Sid thinks the officers who act out are just ungrateful. Garrett and Sid and don't think Frank is out of touch. Frank wonders if he's become a CEO rather than a cop.

The defendant won't take the deal unless he can go along on the investigation. Erin agrees over Anthony's objections.

Jamie finds Eddie asleep on the couch. He wakes her up. She's going to be late. She made cookies for Mrs. Riley. Jamie says he gets it. Espinoza says Mrs. Riley has been like this since her divorce seven years ago. Eddie finds that strange. Jamie thinks Mrs. Riley has dementia.  Eddie has to rush off to work.

Danny goes to see Carson at home. He says he left Baez behind so that it won't be official police business. He thinks she's mixed up n something that's scaring her. She denies it. He asks her to look him in the eye. She denies Wilkes got to her. He says he can protect her if she comes clean with him.

The guys all meet at the house. Jamie and Dannie want to know what's up. Frank wans to know what the uniforms really think of him. Jamie says it's not personal. Jamie and Danny explain that some cops feel that there are contradictory orders coming from 1 PP and wants them to do the dirty work. Frank asks what he's doing wrong.  Jamie thinks he should use the dissention to his advantage. Maybe the unity among the cops is good even if hey're unifoed in anger. Frank isn't sure.

Jamie goes to see Mrs. Riley. She doesn't want his cookies. She says her ring went missing off her finger. Se denies being divorced and says the plumber stole her wedding ring. She insiss if she doesn't have a husband, who do the men's clothes in her laundry basket belong to?

Danny talks to Wilkes' attorney, who claims he intimidated Carson. Danny accuses the defense attorney of being in on the scheme. He threatens her. She wants to make a phone call.

Jamie finds Mr. Riley in a bar. He accuses him of stealing. He says Riley sold the missing items in a pawn shop. Riley says he's not hurting anyone and Mrs. Riley is a terrible person.  Jamie tells him to help him track down the missing items and then he is going to arrest him.

Anthony warns the defendant that if this is a wild goose chase he's gonna hurt him. The guy says he's never killed anyone one purpose, onlike Costa.

The defendant tells them to bust down a wall in this warehouse and they do, finding a decomposing body there.

Wilkes follows Carson as she drives off.

Carson realizes she's being followed t drops her keys as she tries to get into her apartment. Danny comes out of nowhere and arrests Wilkes. Baez takes off and Danny asks if Carson is okay. She asks him to give her a rie home. He says he's gonna bust her chops about lying to the cops etc. She says she'll drive herself.

Eddie comes in and finds Jamie playing Mah Jong with Mrs. Riley and her friends. Eddie comes home and says she has been put on day shifts. She knows Jamie said something. Jamie fills Eddie in on Mr. Riley's arrest. He asks Eddie to join the gae. 

Erin releases the defendant, who then hits on her. She warns hi she will be watching him. 

Frank coes to the union meeting. He says he's not overturning the suspension but he thinks Limes has some legitimate points. He says that if a cop is disciplined for following orders, the supervisor will also be disciplined. Limes wonders who holds Frank accountable. Frank says they can't stand divided so he's here to hear their criticisms.

At Sunday dinner, Danny has a gripe. He doesn't like that detectives can't do double overtime during vacation time except doing security at 1PP. Eddie also brings up sign ups for shooting range tests.

Frank said he wasn't surprised by any of the beefs except that the cops want to return to a time when they got two paid days off for giving blood. 

Frank also wants to know if Sean is going to be a cop. 



Blue Bloods
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Blue Bloods Season 10 Episode 17 Quotes

Frank: There's a cancer in my department? What's the offer?
Johnny: Reinstate him.
Frank: In exchange for what?
Johnny: The respect of the rank-and-file.

Anthony: The DA should know you can't rush a case like that.
Erin: That doesn't make any difference to the families of the victims.
Anthony: So we'll get Costa on something else.
Erin: Yeah, the next double homicide he commits.
Anthony: Hopefully not that.