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Danny and Baez arrive at the scene where someone hung themselves at the top of a high rise building. The property is owned by a real estate mogul.

It turns out the woman was murdered.

Meanwhile, a perp has stolen Jamie's vest and IAB questions Jamie, and Frank gets a message to visit a guy played by Ed Asner.

Frank visits the guy. He talks to him about a home invasion robbery. The guy is upset that the robber stole his autographed copy of a classic movie script.  He is upset because apparently the guy who robbed him is coming back to the building. He says he has agoraphobia and can't leave the building.

Anthony comes to visit Vangelis. Vangelis' attorney is not happy Erin is not there. He eto knventually gives Anthony some papers.

Danny questions all of the staff. No one seems to know much about Daria. FInally they find a teenage tenant who gossips about everyone and claims there are drug deals going on at the hotel. She says Daria was arguing with the manager about a condom.

There's no one who will help Mr. Kay. Frank explains to Abigail that he was a delinquent as a kid and Mr. Kay gave him a job in the movie theater. He's upset that now that Mr. Kay is in a wheelchair and is scared. 

Jamie questions another cop, who is offended. Another cop won't answer his questions. He gets in a fight with another cop after they mutually accuse each other. IAB shows up and accuses Jamie of obstructing the investigation.

Danny and Baez seem to be at a dead end.  The teenager has been right as much as she's been wrong but Danny believes her about the argument

Erin and Anthony listen to the tape but the voices have been disguised. Erin wonders who she would like the culprit to be.

Mr. Kay is upset. Frank says they have to do a dry run to get him out of here. He references The Great Escape. ay almost goes out but decides he can't and tells Frank to go away.

Frank and Henry discuss movies at dinner. Sean is shocked that people had to go to the movies to see them. They all know Mr. Kay.  Frank says Mr. Kay inspired him to become a cop.

Later, Henry asks Jamie about the work situation. Jamie admits he's not that happy being a sergeant. Henry thinks Jamie could be PC some day and he needs to stop acting like Danny.

Danny abd Baez question the manager, who is defensive. He says they were arguing because a guest found a condom in a supposedly clean room.

Erin meets with Vangleis. She doesn't want wine. He wants Anthony to go. Anthony reluctantly leaves. Vangleis won't tell her who is on the audio. He says she already knows but she's scared to admit it. She says he's scamming her. She realizes he wants payback on the DA. He wants only two years for his crimes in exchange for giving her the evidence so she can decide what to do with it.

The teenage girl is not showing up. Baez is super skeptical. She says she made stuff up when she was a kid to get attention. The girl shows up and is promptly run over by a car that speeds away.

Jamie tells Billie he knows her son stole his vest. She denies it. Jamie confronts her about her son's record. She says she found out afterward and that her boy won't survive prison.

The van has been found abandoned. Danny says the security tapes were also altered. The manager shows up and says he has been covering for the killer. He says it is Sam, the doorman. He explains while we see Sam getting arrested.

Anthony and Erin meet at the coffee shop again. She tells him to copy the evidence and then see if it adds up to charges.

The robber comes back to Kay's house and Frank is there too with Jamie and Henry.


Blue Bloods
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Blue Bloods Season 10 Episode 15 Quotes

When a guy like Congelis says he knows where the bodies are buried, there's usually a body that's buried.


First things first. Let's get her down. We don't want the city waking up to her hanging up there.