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Frank has to deal with a cop who is considered a racist. He doesn't agree with that and invites the guy up. Mackenzie says there have been a rash of pawn shop robberies, maybe associated with protests, and has been working undercover to catch a suspect. Frank points out Mackenzie could have gone anywhere, why here? Mackenzie suggests that Frank should stop shuffling papers and solve a case.

Jamie comforts an officer who spilled coffee before being told some lady says he's her baby daddy. It turns out to be this classmate who is pranking him. Anyway, why is she here? She has a cold case about a serial killer and claims to have solved it.

Danny and a neighbor are both taking out the trash at the same time. Some guy in a sports car stops and shoots the neighbor, then drives off. Danny runs to his neighbor and tells the guy's kid to call 911. Scott, the guy's kid, is panicking and thinks Danny didn't do enough to stop the shooting.

Allison rambles about not liking Eddie, Jamie is not interested in that. Anyway, she's been obsessed with this serial killer and can't get anyone's attention even though she found the murderer. She wants to talk to Erin.

Danny's boss won't let him work the case because he's a witness. He meets the detective on the case.

Sid talks to Frank. Mackenzie has notes etc. Garrett says Mackenzie is always trashing the department. Frank thinks Mackenzie has a right to his opinion. Garrett worries this is a set-up. SId and Garrett argue.

Danny corrects the detective's description of the car. He has a theory of the shooter's theory. The detective won't work with him. He thinks he should be working the case.

Allison has color coded files. Erin says they will take it under advisement. Allison thinks she's being blown off. Erin and Anthony decide Jamie would take the case and they'll talk to his CO about letting him do so.

Jamie says that Allison has found evidence the suspect was embezzling. Anthony thinks Allison is into Jamie.

Danny goes to see Sol. Scott is upset that Danny isn't investigating the case. Danny says he is investigating and wants to talk to Sol, who doesn't remember anything. Danny asks him does he have any debts etc. The detective in charge shows up and tells Danny to go away while Scott whines that Danny is treating his dad like a suspect.

Anthony and Jamie knock on a guy's door. He's in a wheelchair and has been for eight years. He says Allison is a stalker who is bothering him and wants him on her show. He's in a wheelchair and she thinks he killed those girls.

Danny's boss gets on him. Baez agrees with him and says it is Ferrell's case. She thinks Danny needs to use his empathy etc.

Jamie comes home to find Allison visiting with Eddie. She has investigated him to find out where he lives. Jamie says it's date night and gets rid of Allison but not before she presses him to arrest the suspect.

Danny tries to apologize and Ferrell thinks there's something more to it. She does tell Danny the car was rented. Could be a neighbor three blocks away who claims he was away. She doesn't buy it. She also invites Danny to join her in interrogating the guy. She has permission from his boss for him to help.

Frank goes to see Mackenzie, who is nervous about his cover being blown. Frank says his lead did not pan out. Was it part of a set-up? Mackenzie is offended.  He kicks Frank out. Frank says he is not Mackenzie's enemy.

 The family is playing what's highly overrated. Pops doesn't agree with Jamie that true crime podcasts are overrated. Everyone else thinks Allison is just Allison. Frank's turn. Taking your own advice is overrated. He argues his advice is tailored to the individual so he can't advise himself.

Henry's turn. Wisdom related to age is overrated. Looking back is about the dumb decisions you made. So please get wise now. Henry wins the game.

The suspect's wife tells Danny and Ferrell that her husband hasn't come home and is not answering the phone. She says nothing is Joel's fault. Maybe she needs a lawyer. She means for her husband. Danny doesn't buy it. She cries that she shot Sol. She didn't pull the trigger but it was her fault because they were having an affair.  She told Joel and he shot Sal.

Anthony talks to Jamie. He was suspicious about the suspect. He is selling insurance on the black market, maybe. Anyway they have photos proving Vachi isn't really paralyzed.

Garrett thinks Frank wants Mackenzie to succeed. Frank feels guilty for not letting Mackenzie clear his name. He says Mackenzie got washed away by the mob. Garrett says that's not his fault. Frank says this is the same as Witten. Frank says giving the benefit of the doubt is the worst part of the job.

Sid has evidence of the robbery. Frnak wants Mackenzie arrested too and in the same cell as the robber.

Baez asks Danny if he's okay. He says he's fine. She was right and he ran out of excuses. Danny gets a call and has to go.

Jamie knocks on Vachi's door. Vachi accuses Jamie of not being a cop and then kicks his door out and runs away. Danny and Anthony give chase but lose him.

Jamie is worried about Anthony's hand. Allison calls and says Vachi wants to do an interview right now.

Dawn has asked her husband to come home. Joel is arrested. Scott shows up with a baseball bat. Ferrell knocks it out of his hand and throws him out.

Vachi is arrested. Allison wants to interview Vachi for her podcast and is disappointed that she won't be allowed to do so.

Mackenzie is upset he was arrested. Frank tries to tell him this is part of working undercover. Frank tells him tomorrow is his last chance to reconsider resigning from the force. He is glad to be back.



Blue Bloods
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Blue Bloods Season 11 Episode 7 Quotes

Garrett: Mackenzie?
Frank: The harder it is to show respect, the harder you have to work at it.
Garrett: Just one word. In the eyes of the public, he's a racist cop.
Frank: That's about a dozen words, and it's all crap. That judge should be impeached.
Garrett: Doesn't matter. The public eye won't blink.

Frank: You do realize I rely on you for critical information like this.
Garrett: And it's a lot of pressure, year after year.
Sid: Don't look at me. Intel like this ain't my forte.
Garrett: And what is your forte, Sid?
Sid: I don't know, but not birthday presents.