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Danny and Baez get into it with a Detective Raines of Nassau County who thinks that a serial killing is his case. Danny suggests they work together, annoying Baez.

A couple of Black kids are fooling around in an alley when suddenly a car drives up and shoots one of them several times.

There is a robbery or something at a museum. A reporter refuses to leave and is filming them while they arrest someone. Jamie arrests the reporter for getting in his way.case

Erin discovers her boss is shadowing her while she interviews the victim from earlier. The girl, Keisha, doesn't want to take off her blood-soaked jacket. Erin is not happy that her boss jeeps jumping in. Keisha is freaked out about the possibility of testifying at trial. Erin's boss seems to have zero empathy and now Keisha insists she didn't see anything. She and Erin argue about whether the boss should have been so frank with the girl.

Frank gets a visit from a Robert Lewis who is complaining about the NYPD trampling First Amendment Rights. Frank gets it in with the guy. He thinks the reporter was interfering with an arrest (and was a citizen journalist to boot) Lewis wants the arrest voided. Frank refuses to be intimidated into dropping the case.

Danny shows up and wants to talk. He wants an ADA to consolidate the cases. Erin is surprised he asked to work with Raines.

Garrett has an email saying press passes now go through the Mayor, not NYPD. Sid is worried about reporters getting hurt and cops getting blamed.  Frank says they just have to deal with it. Abigail discovers the Mayor will not schedule a meeting with Frank and thinks he should talk to the Attorney General instead.

Raines doesn't understand how the perp hasn't been identified. They have a lot of nothing. Raines annoys Baez by saying over and over that they got thrown in the basement. Danny says to cut that out. They need to find commonalities. Danny forbids Raines from coming with them to the autopsy.

Jamie finds out the DA's office is refusing to prosecute the attorney. He calls Erin, who can't talk and hangs up on his rant. Kimberly tells her to tell Jamie to call her instead.

ME says the killer chokes first, then smothers them with the bag. There is a semen sample. Also there are now 10 victims according to the federal database. He has killed sex workers across the country.

Erin and Kimberly go to talk to Keisha. Her mother insists Keisha has nothing to say and sends Keisha out of the room. She tells Kimberly that Keisha will be killed and refuses to allow this.

Danny guesses that Baez has been here since 5 AM and is letting this case get too personal. She says this is the first time she was the victim. Danny understands but she can't get too emotional. Now what have they got?

Baez has found out the guy targets victims on social media and acts like he wants to take photos of models. A fake account has been set up to do a sting. The killer has taken the bait.

Anthony has consolation donuts. They have no security footage etc for the murder of Keisha's boyfriend. Kimberly shows up and wants to know if there are new leads. Anthony says sometimes you have to give people space. Kimberly wants Keisha back in the office. Erin doesn't think this is a good idea.

A man (possibly a reporter (?) has been shot.

Raines doesn't think the killer will show as he's half an hour late. A guy approaches the van with pizza and a note from the killer.

Keisha comes into the office and is immediately ambushed by the victim's mother.

Erin contronts Kimberly about this. Kimberly implies that the Reagans work the system and she does not.

Frank goes to Lewis. He says he's wasting capital on this. They argue again. Lewis insists the reporter had every right to be at crime scenes. He says the press is just the messenger. Frank says where's the petition? Lewis says there isn't one. Frank wonders if maybe no real reporters wanted to sign this time.

The shaken reporter asks Jamie how the shop owner is. He tells her and then he wonders whether she was there first and whether she knows anything. She refuses to give him any of her footage.

At dinner Erin says that they can't subpoena without proof. All the cops agree with Jamie. Frank says that slanted reporting makes people hate cops. Eddie says some press is good. Frank says some reporters are anti-cop. Erin says that's not a basis for a subpoena. Jamie and Erin argue. Everyone ends up mad at Erin.

After dinner Erin tells Frank privately that Jamie and Danny are too comfortable coming to her office. And her boss doesn't see it the same way she does. Frank says they are products of their environment. He asks Erin how she feels about being passed over for Kimberly's job. He thinks Kimberly is trying to prove herself.

The reporter has released a video of the owner being shot and blurred all the faces so that the cops can't identify the perps. Eddie wonders if this is an exception to the media shield so they can get a search warrant.

Baez went to check out a lead by herself. Danny wants to come back her up right now.

Erin talks to Keisha again. Kimberly tells her a story about seeing her best friend get killed. She says not telling what she knew has haunted her every single day since and that is why she became a prosecutor. Keisha just wants things to go back to normal.

Baez continues investigating. She calls in a license plate then discovers blood in the snow and calls for backup and an ambulance. The serial lkiller attacks her. Baez gets away from him and gets a gun on him. Danny shows up while the killer dares Baez to shoot him. Danny tells her not to. Baez walks off upset. She tells Danny she should have shot the bad guy. Danny says she shouldn't have.

Erin talks to Kimberly and finds out she made up the story about witnessing a murder. She says we have different styles but we're on the same team.

The reporter is angry about the search warrant and goes on how this is against First Amendment rights, this is why people hate cops, etc.

Baker has a hard copy of something for Frank. He wishes she could stay for this meeting. Lewis is here. He hopes to move on soon. The press has been given access to the arrest. But does Lewis want full transparency for everybody? If press gets inside information on the AG's office does that still call for full transparency? He has the reporter's phone records. She called the AG right after her release. Lewis says well she covers my press conferences. So what if she has his number? Frank says he has it too. The press might wonder about this, and about overnight meetings. He doesn't like this either but he didn't pick the fight. Lewis offers to talk to the Mayor but his personal business is off limits.

Erin comes to see Frank. Jamie and Danny are there. They apologize to her.

Blue Bloods
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Blue Bloods Season 11 Episode 8 Quotes

Erin: When you said shadowing, I thought you meant observing, not leading?
Erin's boss: And you think it's my fault Keisha changed her mind?
Erin: She was all set until you scared her.

Baez: What is Nassau County doing here?
Danny: Probably trying to poach our case.