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Two kids on a school bus get shot by a crazy driver who is angry the school bus cut him off.

Meanwhile, Danny goes to the scene of another shooting, this time of a five-year-old. No witnesses will come forward.

Some guy starts trying to destroy a convenience store when he learns that cigarettes cost $12.85. The cops show up and the guy tries to run. Eddie and Witten try to arrest him while some bystanders start yelling at the cops to let the guy go and a b lack kid hits Eddie. Witten pulls her gun. Jamie shows up and tries to de-escalate the situation while Eddie arrests the kid who assaulted her.

Erin has found out that Kim wasn't lying about being a witness to a murder when she was 13. Kim keeps insisting there was no evidence. Erin wants to try to get the murderer now.

Frank is at the hospital supporting the parents of one of the kids shot on the bus when he is called away to a press conference. At the conference, the mayor offers a reward. He gets into it with Frank because Frank says it's possible the kids were shot because they were Jewish.

Chase is angry that Frank said his hands were tied. Chase says that he had to reduce the budget and it's not his fault that crime is rising. He accuses Frank of scaring away tourists.

The convenience store owners refuse to file a complaint and just want to be left alone.

Danny consults with Maggie the psychic about the child's murder. She picks up on the fact that Danny is upset about the case.

The boss talks to Eddie and Witten about the incident. He says if Witten wasn't injured it's not assault and that she was accused of menacing the suspect with her weapon. She is being investigated and must give up her gun and shield.

Kim tells Erin and Anthony her story. She was waiting for her dad to take her to the beach and heard an argument and then the woman shot the man in the chest and ran away. She never came forward because Reggie had ties to a gang and her parents didn't trust the cops. Anthony and Erin are interested in reopening this. Kim wonders w hy. Erin thought Kim would want closure. Kim says closure is overrated.

Jamie confronts the boss about Witten's suspension. The boss is offended by Jamie disagreeing with him.

Danny questions the little boy's father. A guy before the party told him to turn his music down but he didn't think anything of it. He is called away and he hugs his crying wife, implying the child has died.

Eddie comes to see Witten at her house. She wanted to check on her. Witten insists she's fine. Eddie isn't. This is ridiculous, Witten didn't do anything wrong. Witten says people look at cops like they're the enemy. She wishes she could tell her younger self not to become a cop. Eddie says this is all routine. Witten feels like this is public humiliation. She insists she's fine. She notices Witten still has a gun. Witten says it was her dad's. Eddie says again that she is here if Witten needs her. Eddie leaves and Witten cries.

The shooter in the bus case has been identified and has a history of mental illness. Chase is having a press conference... by himself.

Erin asks Anthony why Kim thinks she is sabotaging her by re-opening this case. She was looking for common ground. Anthony says there were rumblings that Sandra was in an abusive relationship and her daughter backed her up. Her daughter was Kim's best friend.

Baez is looking for the man who was angry about the music. Danny says he talked to Maggie. Baez asks if he was looking for an excuse to see Maggie. Danny says Maggie has been helpful before. Baez finds a possible suspect.

Jamie has footage of the incident. The Captain accuses him of trying to torpedo him because he is a Reagan and says he will write him up if he talks about Witten's case. He puts Jamie on DWI duty.

Larry Nolte denies involvement in the shooting and says get a warrant if you want to see my gun. Danny accuses him of being defensive. He says he didn't shoot anyone and was in his apartment with the super getting a leak fixed. Baez says Maggie didn't know what she was talking about and isn't in reality. The bullet that killed Michael Carter matches one used in a gang killing five years ago.

Leticia is now an attorney who is representing her mother. Sandra denies having a relationship with Lewis at the time of the murder. Sandra doesn't recall whether she fought with Lewis. Leticia says nothing has changed since the original case so they are leaving. Anthony says he got prints off the water cup.

Maggie comes to see Danny and ask how the case is going. Maggie insists the reason for the baby's death is because of the father. Danny says you got this from a sock? He says he's tired and frustrated. Maggie says he throws himself into his work. When was the last time he went out for fun? When did he go out with a woman? Not romantically, just as a friend? Danny doesn't know.

Family dinner. Henry is glad the school bus shooter has been caught. Erin noticed Frank wasn't at the press conference. Henry is glad that the mayor is mad at Frank. Eddie wonders if anyone ever thought about leaving the department. They all have. Danny says Erin can't answer that. Erin says this week she has been feeling that it would be nice to be an ADA. Eddie says Witten feels no one is on her side. Sean wonders how you get people to stop hating. Frank says what we do. We talk and listen. Danny says Frank does most of the talking.

The prints on the gun match Sandra. Erin asks Kim about her friendship was Leticia. Kim says that Leticia would have ended up in foster care. No one else came forward and no one would listen to a 13-year-old. Anthony says it was a community service murder. Kim admits she is embarrassed that she did nothing but she doesn't regret it. She was protecting herself, her family, and her friend and she'd do it again. Erin said this is not what she was expecting. Kim wants Sandra to be arrested now.

Danny and Baez question a gang member who says he had nothing to do with this. There is a picture of a pregnant girlfriend. Danny and Baez realize Michael was his son. Jason says he didn't aim at Michael. He didn't even know he was there. He is arrested and insists Michael's last name was Chavez. He was the father, not that guy.

Eddie defends Witten to IAB.  She doesn't think they're impartial.

Frank meets with Chase and refuses to go to a press conference with him when he doesn't think Chase's policies work. Chase says wanting to grow back the economy isn't what is causing the crime wave.

Maggie asks if Danny made an arrest. He says it was the biological father. Jealousy and rage. Maggie was right. She was also right about him. He buried himself in work after Linda's death and can't pull himself out of it. Maggie says her job also takes an emotional toll so she needs to let off steam every now and then. She invites him out to karaoke with her. Danny is not interested. She wants to know what he is going to do with the sock. He is going to give it to Michael's stepdad. Maggie thinks that's a good idea.

Eddie asks Jamie what he would say to his eighteen-year-old self. They talk about Witten. Jamie thinks if Witten isn't up for it, she should quit. Eddie says the bad is just outweighing the good for Witten.

Leticia comes running up and insists there is no evidence and they have to let Sandra go. Kim says she saw her do it. Leticia says her mother is 65. Kim says Reggie was 37. Leticia says Kim will never get a conviction. Kim says we'll see. She tells Erin that she has to recuse herself. She tells Erin not to try to help her again.

Frank goes to see the boy who was shot on the school bus, who Is in critical condition.

Jamie and Eddie go to replace the plexiglass for the convenience store owners and tells them he will be having cops come by regularly to check on them. Eddie's three words she would say to her younger self are to marry Jamie.

Anthony and Erin meet for dinner. Erin wishes she hadn't opened the case. Turns out Reggie's daughter is a Congresswoman who is now going to have a press conference. Erin says she embarrassed her boss and now Kim hates her. Anthony says Kim hated her way before this.

Danny goes to the karaoke bar with Maggie after all. He decides to sing.




Blue Bloods
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Blue Bloods Season 12 Episode 1 Quotes

A five-year-old boy is shot in a courtyard full of witnesses and no one saw anything.


Reporter: Is it possible the boys were shot because they were Jewish?
Chase: It's too early to tell.
Frank: But it's also a fair question. We can't rule out any possibilities.
Chase: It's still too early to tell.