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Eddie and her partner walk in on a robbery attempt. He tries to pull a knife on Eddie and insists the merchandise is his. Eddie and her partner eventually arrest him.

At a press conference, Frank blasts the DAs office for classifying incidents like this as non-violent crimes and demanding armed robberies be prosecuted as misdemeanors rather than felonies.

A woman who is supposed to be in Witness Protection calls Danny. She came back for her mother and is in danger.

Jamie teams up with Joe for a raid. A woman runs away and threatens to kill herself. She says she is trying to find her daughter who was taken at the border. She joined a gang to try to find her daughter. Jamie promises he will help her find her daughter if she puts the gun down.

The witness is not answering her phone when Danny arrives. She opens the door to talk to him and her house blows up. In slow motion, we see Baez asking if Danny is okay.

Crawford wants a meeting with Frank. Abigail says his declaration of war worked.

Erin shows up angry at Frank. He respects her but says he has a legitimate problem with the office's policies. She needs to get off the fence and call out her old boss. She says that if his team did that they would be fired. Frank says it's time for Crawford to go. Erin doesn't believe in mutiny. Frank thinks she should be DA but doesn't think she should go by his opinion. However, he thinks she's afraid of winning and all that goes with it.

Eddie is upset to learn that the ADA she's working with is refusing to prosecute. They don't prosecute "minor" crimes anymore.

A doctor tells Danny and Baez that she's sorry but Elena is dead. However, they were able to save her baby.

Baez feels like they don't make a difference because people like Munoz get out over and over and now a baby has lost her mother. Danny says the baby is alive and that it would be worse if they hadn't tried to help. They will get this SOB and try to help the baby have a better life.

The woman says a man named Carlo Sanchez forced her to say at the border that her daughter was his, then ran off with her and took her to NYC with a bunch of other girls. A doctor calls her name.

Joe asks about Margot. Jamie says she's not crazy and he's going to look for her daughter. Joe wants to help.

Eddie's partner doesn't see the big deal. Their job is to make arrests, not anything else. Eddie disagrees.

Crawford says that Frank can't make her prosecute non-violent offenders. Frank says thank goodness she can't make his cops stop arresting criminals. He wants Erin out of the crossfire. Crawford thinks he wants Erin to take her job. Crawford thinks this was all for show since they didn't change each other's minds.

Joe asks Jamie if it's true that his dad would have insisted on getting married if he knew there was a baby. Jamie says without a doubt. Joe wonders what it would be like if he knew his dad. Jamie wonders if Joe Sr would have been more careful if he knew he had a kid. The perp comes out and they follow him. They find out he has stolen plates. Some other cops stop him before they can. It turns out to be Danny and Baez.. Joe sees blood leaking from the trunk. They find a child who is all bloody.

Danny and Jamie argue over who gets to take Sanchez. Baez finds out the girl in the trunk is not Solee. Danny and Jamie agree to work together.

Erin rants to Anthony about Frank. He says she's lucky. She complains that her dad cares too much? His left when he was five. He never had any family dinners and was lucky if his mom was not working at dinnertime.

Sanchez swears he didn't kill Isabella and didn't even know who she was. He thinks he may need a lawyer but insists he didn't kill anyone. He was just supposed to dump the body. He recognizes Solee and says he won't say who is trafficking the girls until he gets a deal. Danny says tell us where we can find Solee or no deal. Sanchez says she will be at a deal tomorrow night.

Crawford has a press conference saying that Frank is out of touch and that he's too much of a broken windows guy. Abigail thinks Frank should return fire. He says he already gave his side and he thinks most New Yorkers are with him.

Henry shows up and asks to speak to Frank alone.  He doesn't think Frank should be pushing Erin into the DA job.

Erin comes to see Crawford. Crawford says that it isn't personal. She doesn't like that the Commissioner's daughter works for her office. Erin says when she is here she is not the Commissioner's daughter. She follows the rule of law. But for the record, she thinks Crawford's mandates will result in tragic consequences.

The same guy is fighting someone else and this time he stabs her and gets shot by Eddie's partner.

Solee is scared of Jamie and Danny. Danny realizes she's wearing a bomb. She says if she lets go it will explode but she can't hold on. Jamie tells her he promised her mom to get her home safe. Say strong for her.

Danny says he needs Bomb Squad to talk him through this. Bomb Squad says clear out. No one wants to leave. Baez eventually does but Joe stays behind to hold the phone and Jamie and Danny talk with the Bomb Squad. Danny tells the girl to relax while he separates the wires. Danny works on the bomb while Jamie works on keeping Solee calm. They disconnect the bomb and the battery. The cops take off the explosives as Bomb Squad arrives.

Erin comes to see Frank at home. She's the only one besides Sean who isn't a cop and she hears them all unload on the DA's office. His department isn't perfect either and she doesn't air it in public. Now Crawford only sees her as the Commissioner's daughter. She wants a heads-up next time. She is not running for DA because she's afraid of losing and that is Frank's fault for raising her with three brothers.

Eddie checks on her partner. She says it was a good shoot, he has witnesses, etc. The victim is going to make it. Her partner admits she was right. Badillo is called in to talk to IAB.

Jamie calls in Solee's mother to reunite them. Jamie is visibly moved. Eddie catches up with him.

Danny finds Baez at the nursery with the baby. He says he called for medic because the situation reminded him of another woman in a similar situation. He heard that no one from Elena's family has adopted the baby but Baez did. She never thought she wanted kids but after seeing her she can't stop thinking about her. Danny is hear if she ever needs anything.

Anthony has come to Sunday dinner and brought enough food for two dinners. Joe is there too. They go over the ground rules. No bad language or electronics, but they can talk about anything including politics. Erin says she invited Anthony partially because she wanted him here when she announced she's running for DA. Joe asks why she decided to run. Erin says she realizes she was afraid of losing but with their love and support she'd be unbeatable.  Time to say Grace. Frank says he has a lot to be thankful for, starting with everyone at this table.


Blue Bloods
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Blue Bloods Season 12 Episode 20 Quotes

Abigail: Crawford just called asking for a meeting. So it worked.
Frank: What worked?
Abigail: Your declaration of war disguised as a press conference.

We have felonies being reclassified as misdemeanors. We have violent criminals out on the streets in a matter of hours. And we have a DA who is failing the people of New York.