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In court, a defense attorney wants to dismiss a case because  ADA Davis hasn't shown up. Joe Hill is furious and keeps texting Erin who shows up, annoying the defense attorney. The judge says the ADA should have been here on time. Erin sends Anthony to search for the ADA.

Frank doesn't want to go to a student police forum where students attacked cops before. He says some professors have an agenda even though it's a criminal justice program. Garrett informs him that Sid has agreed to speak in his place. He thinks Frank should go with him.

Danny and Baez are called to the scene of a homicide. The victim's husband is inside with a gun, which he's turned on himself. Danny says he has lost his wife too and wants the chance to find out who did this to this guy's.

Anthony goes to Davis' apartment. Davis is passed out asleep. Joe pours water on his head and yells at him when he wakes up. Davis claims he did not drink for the past year, but remembers nothing from the night before except he went on a date at a bar with a girl named Monique.

Sid comes to see Frank. He's excited about speaking. He feels he should cover for Frank. He's going to be ready. Frank says they defend what to do by their actions, not by speaking at forums. He wants Sid to withdraw. Sid doesn't want to. Frank asks what's going on. Sid says here's the thing. Frank says what's the thing? He's all confused now. The thing is Henry. Frank says what? Sid said Henry is speaking and shouldn't be up there alone. He was backing Henry up.

The bartender says Davis was messed up from the minute he walked in. Anthony asks to see surveillance video. They see that the woman put something into his drink. Joe blames Davis. Anthony disagrees and says to give him a break.

Jamie brings Danny a tip from his boss and starts pressuring them to follow up right away. Danny reluctantly agrees to let Jamie ride along.

Joe and Anthony stop Monique who realizes they are cops. She claims she was home last night. Joe grabs her purse when she tries to walk away and they find the pills. They arrest Monique. (Was that legal?)

Danny and Baez knock on a door and the woman wwho answers is uncooperative. Elijah runs when he sees the cops. He appears to be a kid. He is arrested.

Danny questions Elijah who claims he was at school but Danny knows differently. He says he was in bed. Danny doesn't buy it. He has surveillance photos. Elijah says you don't undrstand. He insists he didn't shoot the woman. Then he says he didn't have a choice if he wanted to work for Panos.Jamie steps in. Elijah explains that Panos runs the neighborhood and if you don't  do what he wants he hurts you.

Danny and Jamie argue outside. Jamie wants to use Elijah to catch Panos. Danny wants justice for the victim's husband and doesn't think Elijah is undercover material.

Erin questions Monique. She says she thinks Manny wanted Davis fired but won't talk further without a deal. Anthony and Erin says they have her on felonies. She isn't scared of jail but Manny can kill her. Erin gets her to talk and Monique says Davis was in debt so Manny paid him off. Lately Davis has stopped cooperating.

Joe Hill is all hot about this. Monique says she will give them evidence if they give her a deal.

Henry and Frank do a crossword puzzle. Frank is nervous. He asks about Henry's speaking gig. Henry is excited about it. Henry says you think I can't handle it? Frank says Henry can speak fine. Henry says if Frank isn't doing it, he will, to represent the Commissioner's office. Frank says but last time they pulled a fast one. Henry says he has to back up Sid. Frank says they haven't earned him going. Henry agrees. Frank is not going and that's that.

Erin confronts Davis. Davis says he's the victim. Joe yells at Davis and Anthony throws him out. Joe purposely bumps into Davis on his way out. Erin thinks Davis threw two cases. Davis is offended. Erin says she believes he's doing this. Davis says he got sober to do the right thing. He wants a chance to explain himself. Erin says save your explanation for court. He's fired.

Danny talks to Andre and says they got a confession but he can't tell him the perp's name yet. Andre is grateful.  Baez finds out that Jamie is questioning Elijah.

Danny confronts Jamie and says it's his case. Jamie says they shouldn't be discussing this. He thinks Danny would be fine with any other cop doing this. Danny says he'd kick any other cop's ass. He calls Jamie an embarrassment to the family and storms out.

Jamie says that they will offer protection if Elijah works undercover to get Panos. The mother doesn't like it. Elijah wants to do it to make amends.

Anthony tells Erin that Davis hung himself. She feels guilty. Anthony gives her a file Davis left behind.

Danny and Jamie argue. Frank tells them to cut it out at the dinner table. Eddie has brought cake. Danny decides he's leaving. Jamie runs after him and tries to tell him that Danny is too close to the case. Danny says let's agree to disagree and don't go over my head. Jamie thinks Danny is jealous that Jamie outranks him. Danny says ever thought of checking your source and it goes?

Manny is cavalier about Davis' death while Erin tells him they are filing new charges based on Davis' affidavit. He has recorded conversations, which are admissible. Manny loses his temper. Erin warns the defense attorney that if she had anything to do with this she will be disbarred and prosecuted.

Elijah goes nervously to see Panos who grabs him by the collar. Elijah says he made a mistake and killed the wrong person. Panos says aren't you here  to get me to confess? Jamie shows up and says that Panos friend flipped. Panos stupidly mentions his friend's name and Jamie arrests him.

Baker tells Frank about a captain who wants a meeting. He wants to show off his new fleet and Garrett is behind it. Frank doesn't want to do this now. Abigail says that he is fully booked next week so they have to do this tomorrow. The meeting is right before the forum. Frank is suspicious that they are trying to make him go to the forum.  Abigail thinks it's good the college is trying to make amends.

Jamie brings Elijah to Danny and says he couldn't have done it without his help. Andre tries to shoot Elijah and Jamie stops him.

Erin finds Joe on the basketball court after dark. She wants to thank him for helping her get to the bottom of this. She also wants to talk about what he said. He was right that it was a blemish on her office. She ignored Davis' drinking for years. However, she doesn't want Joe acting this way in her office. He is not her brother so he can't get away with it. Don't forget that his father was her brother and would be ashamed.

Frank goes to the policing forum with Abigail and Garrett. Henry is called to the stage.

Henry says he is not worthy of high praise. He's just a cop like all other cops. He says today is a special day. Fifty years ago today, Frank walked the beast for the first time. Frank being commissioner was chosen by G-d. He is proud of Frank. He calls Frank to the stage.

Jamie comes with Danny's favorite pizza. Danny asks if this is an apology. Jamie says he came to talk. Danny says Jamie was not as smart as he thinks he is. Danny is upset that Andre is locked up. Jamie doesn't think that's his fault. He and Danny resolve nothing before Jamie goes.



Blue Bloods
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Blue Bloods Season 13 Episode 6 Quotes

Sid: Here's the thing.
Frank: What's the thing?
Sid: Now you're getting me all confused, twisting my words. The thing is... your father.
Frank: The thing is my father?
Sid: They asked him to speak and I didn't think he should be up there alone.

Frank: Last time, it was an ambush. Students asked questions that made the department look bad.
Garrett: That was three years ago. Those students are gone.
Frank: The professors who were behind it are not.
Garrett: It's a criminal justice program. I'm sure it doesn't have an anti-cop agenda.
Frank: And some professors with an agenda are doing their best to change that.