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In a hotel, two maids find blood on the bottom of a mattress. Danny and Baez arrive and discover a hotel manager who is very uncooperative.

Eddie is angry that Jamie is being transferred and yells at McNichols, until she finds out that Jamie is working for the same precinct in a different capacity.

Frank wants to talk to Garrett after a staff meeting. They check in about if anyone is knocking on a certain door. Frank has a statement. Garrett reads his statement and says that's it? Frank plans not to take questions.

Garett brings the statement to Erin. Frank is not endorsing anyone in the DA race. Erin is angry. She doesn't want to hash things out with Frank.

A famous sleep doctor named Dr. Ni-Ni shows up at the station. Danny doesn't know who he is. Baez knows him from Instagram. Danny thinks she's in a cult and doesn't like this guy especially when he is with a sleazy defense attorney. The defense attoreny shows up with the doctor and says no crime has been committed. The doctor was the one who stayed at the hotel last night.

In the interrogation room, the doctor wants discretion. He explains he is a happily married man but was not with his wife lastnight. He was with a friend. He doesn't know the person's name. He says he was slashed by a knife and stitched the wound himself. He says someone came to the door and when he opened it a man came rushing in. He guessed it was his companion's pimp. He was attacked. He says the guy was six feet, 200 lbs. He has no contact info for the woman he was with.

Jamie arrives at his new job. They go into a highly secure conference room. All top secret conversations take place here. He wants Jamie to have more of a poker face. Also Jamie is not to share information with other cops -- not even Frank or Eddie. His boss gives him a big speech about the need for secrecy. He's not willing to take the risk even though Jamie says Eddie is not compromised.

Henry comes storming in to yell at Frank. Frank realizes it is about Erin. Frank believes he is doing the right thing. Henry doesn't care about the ethics. Frank hurt Erin and has to make it right. Frank insists it is right.

Danny looks at surveillance video and makes snarky comments, He has an idea and wants to go see an old friend.

He and Baez go see a woman who complains about demonizing prostitution and refuses to give a name of the girl in the photo.

Eddie is worried about Jamie's new job. She wants to talk to McNichols. Jamie points out that Eddie and McNichols don't have a good rapport. Eddie is worried that Jamie's inability to talk to her about what's going on at work will hurt their relationship.

The doctor doesn't want the cops here when his kids are on their way home. His daughters show up and he gets rid of them and then wants the detectives to go.

Garrett insists on seeing Frank . He comes in and talks about how Dukakis lost the 1988 debate on the first question. He thinks it's unfeeling for Frank not to endorse Erin. He thinks this is a PR nightmare. Frank points out Garett was not supposed to tell Erin. Garrett says if you see something, say something.  Frank says he is treating his daughter like any other candidate. He won't pander. Frank insists he is supporting Erin in his own way.

Danny reads the doctor's book and learns that people have more heart attacks the day after setting the clocks forward. Arianna comes with the girl that was with the doctor. The girl says nothing happened that was ot of the ordinary. She claims not to know anything about Dr. Knight getting attacked.

Jamie tells Henry he's not sure about this move. He doesn't like the idea of not being able to tell Eddie.

Garrett goes to see Erin again but she tells him to leave.

Danny tells Dr. Knight's lawyer that the escort had a different story. The lawyer doesn't care and doesn't think it's important. He gives Danny a notice saying he'll sue him if he leaks the photo to the press and sent it to Frank's office as well. Baez comes in and Danny shows her the notice.

Eddie comes to see McNichols. She can barely talk.

Erin rants to Anthony about Frank. Anthony says Frank is by the book and always has an angle.

Danny goes to see Arianna again. He has a copy of a wire transfer from Knight to Arianna of 20k. He thinks she's being paid off to keep her mouth shut.

Knight's daughter says that he's her father and Milan is her friend and she just snapped.

Danny says that Audrey is headed to jail even though she did the right thing.

Jamie has talked to McNichols and will transfer to the 2-0. Eddie says she's not interested in his work stories anyway. He says she will be never be fine with this. She says she's looking forward to them not talking about work.

Erin is waiting for Frank in his office.  She's not angry. Frank asks to what does he owe this surprise? She wants to thank him. She says she was upset at first and her feelings were hurt. But then she figured him out. She will be announcing soon and will be critical of the NYPD and Frank's leadership and that was why he was not endorsing her -- so that she can.

At Sunday dinner Erin says it's a teaching moment. Danny says she got off easy. He has a story about how when he was a kid, he put pancake syrup in his hair and Frank made him go to school that way. Jamie has a story of Frank making him face a bully who sucker punched him. They all laugh. Frank toasts to victory.


Blue Bloods
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Blue Bloods Season 13 Episode 2 Quotes

Got the subpoena. You make our life more difficult, we'll make your life more difficult.


Garett: Are we going to give the parties involved a heads up?
Frank: Would we normally give them a heads up?
Garett: No, but this isn't normal.
Frank: It has to be.
Garett: Wishing won't make it so.
Frank: But actions will.