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Henry is with a bunch of friends when he is accosted by some protesters who claim he created a unit called the Broken Toys Unit and won't let him pass.

Abigail comes to see Erin. She's angry that Erin is making a deal with the guy who assaulted her.

Eddie comes in late and Sgt McNichols wants her to ride along with her to an abduction.

Bugs has called Danny down to the park where he is selling umbrellas. He says that these gang members want him to kill someone.

Frank is angry to find out that it is legal for these protesters to bother his father like that. He starts defending the unit and says he wants to know about any indiscretions in that unit the protesters are upset about. He wants to see the organizer of the protest.

McNichols and Eddie arrive where a detective says he has it all under control and won't give her any info. He says they located the victim's boyfriend and will get Jackie home. Eddie asks if he's sure it's him? The victim's twin shows up wanting to record the crime scene for IG. He wants Eddie and McNichols to get rid of the woman.

McNichols tells Eddie they have to show the detective respect since it's his case.

Anthony says Abigail started asking questions and almost ran into the target of their investigation at a construction site.

Bugs tells Danny he doesn't know who the guy he's supposed to kill is. Danny wants to put a wire on him. Bugs is scared.

Erin confronts Abigail who says she will crack the case and doesn't trust Erin and Anthony to protect her.

Kelly comes to see Frank and there is a power struggle over the seat. Frank tells him to stop sending mobs. Kelly denies that he sent anyone anywhere. He says this meeting proves that his protest is effective. He won't condemn the violence unless Frank disbands the Broken Toys unit. He claims he saw them growing up, ruining his neighborhood.  Frank says they were needed. Kelly says when he clerked for Sandra Day O'Connor he saw systemic abuses of power. Frank asks if Kelly is running for office. Kelly says he's a proud and concerned New Yorker. Frank says tell your people to back off. Kelly says or what? You'll send your Broken Toys after me?

Bugs tells Brother Jay he needs some more details. Brother Jay says go kill Hector in 48 hours. Jay accuses him of wearing a wire. Danny puts on a hoodie and shows up claiming to be his associate.

Danny refuses to arrest anyone yet. He says there are bigger fish to catch. Bugs is nervous and Danny tells him all he needs to do is keep his mouth shut.

Eddie watches the witness arguing with the detective. She decides to talk to her herself. Morgan says Arthur didn't do this. She says Jackie is an angel. Morgan tells her there are a lot of creeps and perverts on social media. She shows Eddie. Some of these guys have her actual location.

Erin talks to Anthony. They are all set with their deal. She wonders if they are doing the right thing. Anthony says this is murder. Erin wants to find the body herself.

Syd and Garrett are surprised Baker isn't here. Syd says that Baker got sick from raw fish and is on the mend.

All Syd has found about the Broken Toys is things like cursing, cuffs too tight, standard stuff. Garrett thinks they should  just do what Kelly wants. Syd says then Kelly will want something else next week. Frank thinks appeasement is not an answer. Garrett says that's like fighting a robber on the street for their gun.

Anthony calls Abigail to meet him at the bridge. She says he's not going to stop her from investigating. He wants to help her. She's shocked Erin decided this.  She has a credible source, Poppa's partner Rico. Anthony is shocked she got him to talk. Abigail says he doesn't want to know the how.. Anthony will call for a warrant.

The protesters have gathered outside Frank's house shouting JUSTICE and banging a drum. Henry complains it's hard to concentrate. Frank heard Henry had another go-round with them. Henry complains the protesters keep finding him.  Frank says they pay people to tell them where Henry is at all times. (Somehow that doesn't violate stalking rules.) Henry says he was proud of the unit and felt he fit in with them. Henry thinks Frank should disband the unit He feels he can't fight this battle anymore. Frank says Henry shouldn't have to. Henry says he was scared when they confronted him.

Bugs can't sell umbrellas in the sun. Danny has Hector's necklace. Now he wants Bugs to set up a meeting so they can get the boss.

McNichols tells Eddie to get to her office now. Hannigan and his boss complain that she talked to their witness. Eddie suggests they should have talked to witnesses. McNichols says there's a command structure. Eddie has a theory about the crime which everyone laughs at and McNichols writes her up and threatens to transfer her if she "interferes" again.

Abigail serves the warrant and Poppas tries to throw it away. Abigail threatens to have the house torn apart. The guy doesn't cooperate and she gives the order.

Bugs is nervous when Brother Jay doesn't show. Brother Jay finally shows up. He sighs and says follow me when Danny asks to see the boss. The gang members try to beat up Danny. Bugs says he set him up. Danny gets away and there is a shootout. A bunch of cops show up. Bugs says he's sorry. He didn't want them to kill his brother or Danny. Danny lets him go.

McNichols insisted she had to do it. How is shs supposed to get Hannigan to respect her when she can't keep her officers in line? She claims Eddie undermined her. McNichols says they should be allies so don't put her in this position again. Now McNichols is interested in Eddie's lead.

Eddie and McNichols go to an apartment where loud music is playing. They find Jackie bound and gagged on the bed. Eddie tries to stop the perp from attacking McNichols and he tries to knock her out. Eddie and McNichols overpower him and arrest him.

Abigail thanks Erin for changing her mind. Erin says it was Frank's idea to give her that 24 hour window. She says Frank figured it out on his own. Something seemed off about her "stomach bug." Don't tell him she told her. Erin wants to know how Abigail got Rico to talk. She said she told him the DA's office would give him a deal.

A bunch of counterprotesters bother Kelly while he's having lunch. They start chanting make some noise protect the toys.

Frank comes in and sees Baker is there. He asks if she is better. She says she is.

Garrett wants to know what Frank did. Someone reached out to the victim's families. He thinks it was Frank. Frank said he might have called to say hi. And the officers deserve a thank you. Maybe those parents and siblings will pay Kelly a visit. Garrett says he can't do that. Frank doesn't see what the problem is.

Henry is thrilled with the sound of silence. Jamie said they must have had some week with the protesters. Frank says you mess with this family all bets are off. Erin doesn't like this tactic. She thinks there should be a more diplomatic solution than an eye for an eye. She feels this will happen on both sides until both sides have a conversation. Henry says there is no talking to those people. Danny and Henry think he shouldn't listen to Erin. Frank says they listen to each other at this table. Danny says it takes willing participants.  He thinks the world has lost something losing traditions like this one. Sitting at this table has taught him to consider other points of view.

Blue Bloods
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Blue Bloods Season 13 Episode 5 Quotes

Bugs: You want me to go undercover? No, no, you want me to get shot again! That's a terrible thing to do.
Danny: I didn't want you to get shot in the first place.

Erin: Abigail. I didn't know you were here.
Abigail: Could you close the door?
Erin: Did my father send you?
Abigail: No.
Erin: Does he know you're here?
Abigail: I didn't want to bother him with this.
Erin: You don't seem like the type to skip work lightly.
Abigail: I haven't taken a day off since I was assaulted.