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At the prison, Jamie calls to a guy named Liam. He wants to give him a ride back. Liam doesn't want a ride with the guy who arrested him.

Danny and Baez catch the case of a chess hustler who died. His son says he was not a drug user.

A Harlem pastor asks Erin to his church. He wants her to look into the arrest of a relative. He is sure she will look into it and he will give her an endorsement.

Sid wants to see Frank when Frank already had his morning meeting. He wants Frank to help him out with a female detective. He worked with her at the 5-4 and got hurt on the job. In pain every day now. She has to retire but the medical board won't give her full disability. He wants Frank to talk to the board on her behalf. Frank asks if the woman is pretty. Sid says he has it wrong. He says that Danny asked him to ask Frank to do this.

Jamie takes Liam toa gin shop and tasting room that used to be a liquor store. He doesn't understand why Jamie wants to be his chauffeur. Jamie feels Liam's sentencing was too harsh.

Danny talks to a chess player who will only say that the victim didn't talk to anyone, not even his son.

Acosta comes to see Frank. She says even sitting at a desk for a full tour is too much. She asks what she is doing here. Frank says he wanted to hear how she sacrificed for this department. He asks how well she knows Danny. She has been in his squad for 10 years. She figured it was his guilt that brought her here. She took some of Danny's cases when he was on bereavement after Linda died. One of those cases was the one where she got hurt.

Danny and Baez talk to Eric, who admits that he hasn't spoken to his dad in 7 years. He says he didn't kill his dad. His dad was a religious immigrant who lost it when Eric decided to live with his wife before marriage. A few years back, his dad sent him letters he didn't read. Danny asks for the letters.  Eric doesn't mind if he reads them. He wants to find out who did this and offers to talk to the guys in the park.

Anthony asks Erin what is going on with Devon Clay. Is she trying to get on the Pastor's good side. Crawford has also been looking into the case.

Liam orders a martini and asks Jamie who he is really after. Jamie admits he is looking for Russo. they don't like the drinks and Liam starts to get into it with the bartender, who threatens to call the cops. Jamie says he is the cops. Liam is annoyed that Jamie intervened.

Erin wants to talk to Crawford, who claims not to know what she's talking about.

Eric comes to see Nick who claims he doesn't know anything. Eventually he admits there's a gang hanging around the park. Shy played chess with one of them. He's afraid he will get killed if he tells them anything else.

Crawford meets Erin in the park and gives her the file. Erin says Clay is playing them against each other. Crawford says they need to not talk about this in public.

The cops talk to a gang leader who says Eric came around and it's a good thing he understood family makes you act stupid.

Frank meets Danny for a beer to talk about Acosta. Frank says he never heard Danny mention Acosta before. Danny says he does not blame herself for Acosta's accident. Acosta was there for him. There was nothing more to it. Frank says he, Danny, and Henry all lost their wives way too soon. Danny was way younger and Frank thinks he shouldn't resign himself to being alone.

Danny confronts Eric who thinks that Danny doesn't know what it's like to lose someone like this. Danny tells Eric to stay out of the way so he can do his job. He also read the letters and learned that Shy loved Eric.

Anthony and Erin want to know what Crawford has. She says members of the community say Devon was a good kid. Devon cried and was on the sidelines. Crawford says they should interview Devon and get the names of his friends.

Devon refuses to give any info. Crawford threatens to add 5 years to his sentence. He says he can't tell them who did this. They are threatening his little brother.

Liam goes with Jamie to help fix some cars. Liam gets mad that Jamie and the garage owner try to help him. THe garage owner gives him an apprenticeship.

Frank talks to Henry about Danny. Frank is bothered by the advice he gave Danny. He says he said "our" but he didn't want to talk for Pop. Frank says he surprised himself. He thought he had all that stuff locked deep in the archives. No regrets but he didn't meet the one he couldn't live without a second time. Henry says he had a roaming eye before Betty. He knew he'd go back to that afterward. Frank said Mary gave him a list of new wives. But he kept his promise to not be alone. Henry says that this woman must mean a hell of a lot to Danny.

Jamie finds out about a hostage situation. The hostage taker wants to talk to him.

It is Liam. He says he messed up. He asked a question and the guy was rude. Liam admits he doesn't know how to function outside of prison anymore. Jamie tells him to put the gun down. Liam hopes this is enough to put him back in prison. He puts the gun down and lets Jamie arrest him.

Danny talks to Eric and says that Damien did not kill his dad and told them who sold his dad the fentanyl. It was a possible suicide. He changed his will right before. Eric cries. Danny says the guilt will crush you if you let it. He says that Eric's father left everything to him and that he needs to read the letters.

Crawford tells Pastor Clay that Devon will be going to a re-entry program. He says he will endorse her. Crawford says he should be thanking Erin too. Erin says they are not interested in his endorsement. They want to know how he has such a nice car. Erin says his latest charity has been involved in fraud

Danny meets Acosta in a bar. She likes being seen outside of work. Danny says she should celebrate her retirement and disability pension. She doesn't know what to say. Danny hopes it will help her out. She says it will be weird not coming into the squad. He promises she will still see him.

Danny isn't interested in eating at dinner. Everyone is bothering him and Frank keeps telling them to leave him alone. Danny is not eating because he has a dinner date. Everyone wants to know about it. Frank says maybe it's not their business. Danny admits he's going on a date with Acosta. Henry tells him strong eye contact. Everyone feels a need to give advice. Frank suggests he lie about how crazy his family is.

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Blue Bloods Season 13 Episode 11 Quotes

It is not a secret that you plan to run for DA. If you can spare the time to look into this, I will be most appreciative.

Pastor Clay

Eric: What happened to him?
Danny: We don't know yet.
Eric: Was he murdered?
Baez: We don't know that either.
Eric: Well, he didn't crawl into those bushes and have a heart attack.