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Danny gets nowhere with a murder witness who doesn't want to testify. He is frustrated. Can't the bad guys take a break? He is interrupted by Naomi, the wife of a former partner. she tells Danny that John is drinking and using while working undercover. She insists Danny has to talk to him so that John doesn't get kicked off the case.

Eddie and Badillo talk about how he won his fifth grade talent show. A little girl is selling cookies and tells the cops that someone stole her puppy. She says Daddy said not to bother to call the police because cops don't help people like her (she is Black.) Eddie and Badillo take her statement.

Henry runs into Donna in the supermarket but she runs away when he asks her about the gift cards in her basket.

Frank and Joe Hill run into each other at Joe Reagan's grave. Someone has knocked over the headstone. Joe wants to get the person who did it. Frank tells him he is delegating this as Joe has a task force assignment. Joe wants to handle this. Frank wants to do it himself.

Danny says John was a mini-him. They approach John with a coded message and warn him that he had better get his act together or they will report him.

McNichols wants Eddie and Badillo to stop trying to be detectives. Eddie gives her the notes on the girl's dog.

Henry brings Donna flowers and says he is sure she won't fall for scams. He says like the IRS asking for gift cards. Donna feels stupid. Can she get her money back? She paid $6,000 to the scammer. Henry says he will help her get the money back.

Frank finds out from a guy reporting to him that Joe has taken over the case. Garrett thinks Joe disobeyed a direct order. Abigail says grandparents have different rules. Sid thinks grandkids should respect their orders.

Eddie is angry to discover that McNichols is talking to the girl herself. Badillo says not to say anything in front of the girl.

John's boss tells him to get guns. Danny shows up and arrests John claiming he assaulted someone.

In the interrogation room, John is annoyed. Danny says it was necessary. John keeps making references to what Danny taught him. Danny wants to talk to him about Naomi. Is it worth it to lose her and the kids? John says Linda was a damn shame. Danny wants John to quit the case. John wants Danny to trust him. He won't listen to Danny.

Henry talks to Erin. He wants to talk to the elder abuse bureau. Erin doesn't want him to get his hopes up. Henry says his friend lost $6000. Erin wants to know about his friend. Henry says it isn't him. He is insulted. 

Jamie comes to see McNichols. She is sure he wants to ask about the dog thefts. She wants to know if Eddie called him. He says if she's running with this they're done. McNichols says that Eddie doesn't have the guts to confront her herself.

Frank calls Joe in and orders him to leave the case alone. Joe worries that the grave was targeted. What if it's related to the guy who kjilled his father? Frank says this is why Joe doesn't belong on this case. He offers him an answer at Sunday dinner.

Jamie says McNichols was looking at a photo but she's the boss so there's nothing to do. Jamie leaves and Badillo tries to convince Eddie to drop it.

Naomi is upset. Baez says John said this is his last job. Naomi doesn't believe it. Baez wants to talk to the handler. Naomi worries John will flip out. Danny says they will do the right thing and will get John back without notifying his handler.            

At Sunday dinner, they have lemon meringue in honor of Joe Sr's birthday. They talk about Joe's hatred of sweets. Joe H says he has a lead on who broke the headstone. No one else knows about this. Frank is annoyed that Joe is still on this. 

Anthony also assumes Henrry got snookered. Anyway these scams are hard to find. 

John calls Danny and Baez. He can't find Naomi and thinks she has been kidnapped. He is called by his boss and goes.

Anthony calls Henry for help. He has found a money mule. Henry says so we sweat him and flip him. Also they are going to set up a fake charity so that Henry can work undercover.

Eddie sneaks in to look at the photo and gets caught by McNichols.  The photo is of McNichols' daughter Kelly. She says that Kelly's dog was also stolen and she accused her of being irresponsible. Eddie suggests next time McNichols is stressed out they get a beer together.

Video footage shows that Naomi has been kidnapped. Baez thinks they should have called the handler. John calls all freaked out. Naomi was kidnapped because the boss thinks John is unstable after his "arrest." He wants to stick a gun in the guy's face. Danny talks him down.

Frank goes to see Joe's mother. She says he showed up upset. Frank says he is there to understand Joe. This is new terrain for him. He didn't watch Joe grow up. Paula suggests he not bark orders at Joe. Maybe her close bond with him makes things harder. She says the Reagans are like a tribe. Frank says they are just a family. Paula says she didn't really know Joe Sr. She says that Joe likes the Reagans but loves his dad who he never knew. Paula doesn't know what Frank expected Joe to do about the grave.

Henry goes undercover and negotiates selling seniors' addresses etc. The cops show up and arrests the scammer.

Danny and Baez help rescue Naomi and stop John from killing the kidnapper.

Eddie and Badillo find the dog thieves but can't find the dogs. Eddie hears the dogs behind a door. McNichols says if any of the dogs are unclaimed Eddie can have them.

Unfortunately this scammer wasn't the one who ripped off Donna. Henry says the world is changing and he can't keep up.

John doesn't know how this would have ended if Danny hadn't helped. He is done with undercover work. He wants to get the band back together. Danny says they both have the right women in their lives.

Joe meets Frank at the cemetery. He found out the caretaker's nephew messed up some gravestones after he got fired for being late. Frank apologizes to Joe. Frank unveils the new gravestone which says "beloved son, brother, and father," so it now acknowledges Joe.             

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Blue Bloods Season 13 Episode 9 Quotes

John: Naomi doesn't understand what we do.
Danny: We don't do cocaine. You do.

Can't bad guys take a break from killing each other for long enough for us to catch up on these cases?