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Jamie checks out a robbery. The guy has hired private security who says that a cop is the culprit.

Danny's childhood friend is back from witness protection. He's worried about his missing fiancee, who he thinks may have been deported. Danny isn't interested in helping but Mickey convinces him.

While on a tour of a precinct, Frank sees a woman who is crying and full of blood and says she just killed her husband.

Anthony has gifts for Erin since she's leaving the DA's office. He says he is taking her on a stakeout as a parting gift.

Jamie talks to Mr. Powers. His attorney has a photo from a doorbell cam.

Danny talks to a woman at a hostel where the missing woman lived. Mickey keeps getting in the way. Despite his interference, the woman says Elana got a disturbing phone call.

Jamie recalls that this guy was from Venezuela and went on a tour of the precinct several years ago. He goes to a construction site looking for the suspect. Gustavo comes up to them. He calls his wife when they arrest him.

Danny gets a call while with Mickey. Baez says the phone number belongs to a guy who runs numbers like Mickey used to. Danny doesn't share this info with Mickey.

Frank talks to the woman. He wants details of how it went down when her husband would break the order of protection. She tells him how Reginald broke her arm and when she called the cops the same two showed up as before. Every time it was the same two officers. They were not in uniform. At first it was whatever uniforms came, then it was always the same two guys in suits. They never identified themselves.

Gustavo says he had to leave his post because of corrupt officials. He says he stole from construction companies where the bosses threaten immigrant workers. He only took what was owed to the workers. He can prove it. He doesn't want Jamie to punish the workers for his mistakes.

Danny confronts Mickey and throws him out of his car.

Sid goes to see the precinct captain. John wants to help however he can. Sid asks him about the detectives -- they sound like Hobbes and Renfrow and he saw it on the security camera. John says he will get to the bottom of it but it will take a couple of days.

Jamie can't use Gustavo as a CI because he's a recent immigrant. Gustavo has evidence Stuts is burning evidence. He wants Jamie to put a wire on him before it's too late.

John takes responsibility. Reginald was a CI and so Hobbs and Renfrow looked the other way so they could continue using him to close a fetanyl ring. He has reported them to IA. Sid is not happy. He says Frank wants to see both of them. He says it's just to check in.

Abigail announces Sid and John to Frank. Frank wants to talk to John alone. He says Sid is a bronze statue who will take a bullet for any cop. He's spoken to Hobbes and Renfrow and they said that John told them to look the other way. John says it's more complicated than that. Frank doesn't want to hear that it's for the greater good. He is disgusted that John turned that woman into a punching bag. He fires John.

Danny goes to Mickey and makes him check his bank account. It's empty. They need to work together to get Olana back.

On the stakeout Anthony leaves Erin behind to chase a guy who turns out to be a decoy. While the decoy is laughing at Anthony, Erin arrests his partner with all the drugs.

Jamie tells Gustavo the signal is weak and he has to stay close to the subject. Gustavo confronts Stuts who is obnoxious and says he will call ICE. He threatens to deport his family. Gustavo throws his phone at the guy and Jamie runs in. Stuts is gone.

Danny has security footage. He tells Mickey that Bernie isn't involved and Olona's name is not Olona. She stole all of Mcikey's money. She is not even from Ukraine. Mickey says no girl like her would love a schmuck like him anyway. Danny gives him $3K so he doesn't have to go to Bernie.

Frank wants a perp walk. Garrettt and Sid don't approve. Frank says but Angela is in Rikers -- is she on modified duty? He thinks Angela would like to see this. Sid won't do it. Abigail points out Frank didn't actually give the order. Frank says it was wishful thinking.

Anthony is happy they got the bad guy. He thinks Erin belongs here with him. She admints she loved the thrill of taking the bad guy down.

At family dinner, Jamie says he did the right thing but got in trouble when Gustavo disappeared. Frank says the job is the grind. Eddie agrees. Frank asks Erin what's up. She says the real win at her stakeout was hanging with Anthony. Danny says he got had by Mickey Patrick again. Frank fired two detectives and a captain he couldn't afford to fire. They toast to better times ahead.

Blue Bloods
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Blue Bloods Season 13 Episode 12 Quotes

Mickey: Danny, please. I know you're thinking, same old Mickey. But I'm really worried about her.
Danny: 4 o'clock. I'll pick you up.
Mickey: Thank you so much.
Danny: I haven't done anything yet.

Cop: Ma'am, are you all right?
Woman: I just killed my husband.