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-Cole Faragat, a supporter of the new mayor-elect is murdered. The mayor-elect asks Frank to write it off as random violence to avoid publicity even though evidence suggests something else.

-Faragut was seeing a hooker, got into a fight with her pimp and was killed.  Cole's wife, a friend of Erin's wants her to make this go away. 

-Erin decides to prosecute the pimp for sex trafficking instead of manslaughter since the sentence will be the same and the publicity much less.  Danny is upset by her plan.

-In the end the mayor-elect calls in a favor with immigration who deport the man to stand trial in his home country of Croatia.

-The mayor-elect tells Frank that when he was a kid, he knew Frank as a good cop in his neighborhood and he'd like to keep him on as police commissioner.  Frank asks his family's opinion if he should keep his position.  The unanimously vote yes.

-Jamie is given his first undercover assignment at a bar looking for underage drinking and narcotics sales.  He saves the life of a dealer who almost overdoses. 

-Frank tells Jamie that the dealer has mob connections and is looking for the his good samaritan.  At some point in the future, Jamie may be asked to go undercover to help with the investigation into this crime family.

Blue Bloods
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Blue Bloods Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

My Dad's too proud to sit around and wait for the ax to fall.


My father is nothing if not customary.