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-Jamie goes undercover in a stock scam run by the Sanfino family. While there, Bianca Sanfino hits on him and they kiss. Bianca's old flame and Jamie's new boss Johnny Tesla, sees them and is enraged.

-Jamie manages to make a copy of the client files off of a computer but Tesla suspects him. He tries to search Jamie in the parking lot and when Jamie resists, he is beaten but they don't find the memory card.

-Jamie tells Bianca he can no long see her.

-Frank hires Det. Sam Croft to be his fixer or officially, his Head of Confidential Investigations. He asks him to look into Erin's new love interest Jacob Crystal and the allegations that he is an art thief. 

-Sam can't find anything more than suspicion but when things get too close, Jacob heads back to Europe.

-Danny and Sam partner up to take imprisoned mob boss, Tommy Barone on a drive to find the exact location of two murders he committed. 

-Barone offers evidence on another murder if he can see his grown son. Danny arranges it and Barone gives him the information but on the way back to prison, four armed men open fire trying to set Barone free.

-Sam and Danny fire back and manage to bring Barone back to prison.

Blue Bloods
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Blue Bloods Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

Vanna, would you please tell Mr. Tommy Barone what he's won.


Thanks but I think I'll stick to warm milk and whiskey.