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-A gun wanted in the commission of a robbery and shooting is turned in to the NYPD's Gun Buy Back Program.

-Even though the rules state "no questions asked" Officer Perez snaps a picture of the man turning in the gun with her cell phone and gives it to Danny.

-Danny says he can't use it but Jackie runs ballistics on the gun anyway and it's a match. Danny coaches the victim into giving an accurate sketch.

-The sketch leads them to a Ben, but when Frank hears about the picture he tells Danny to let the man go.  Later, Danny and Jackie check hospital surveillance footage and see a similar looking man checking on the victim.  It is Terrence, Ben's brother.

-Terrence is arrested. Ben turned in his brother's gun to get it out of their home and was nearly prosecuted for the armed robbery.

-Although Frank was apprehensive about the Gun Buy Back program he can tell the mayor and the program's supporter, Reverend Potter that it was a success.  He also tells them there was an incident that was handled and convinces them it's better if they don't know the details.

-Nicky's friend Diane has a provocative picture that is mysteriously sent to all of the kids at school. When Nicky fails to defend her, Diane is upset.

-Nicky asks Jamie to look into who sent the photo but finds out that Diane sent it herself to get attention.

Blue Bloods
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Blue Bloods Season 2 Episode 17 Quotes

Frank: Then what are we waiting for?
Garrett: Your happy face?

Frank: This isn't going to work.
Garrett: What, you don't like the beard?