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-Jackie and Danny are called to a domestic disturbance case where Angela Ferraro recants her story about her boyfriend and says she fell down a flight of stairs.

-The detectives find out her boyfriend is Tony Mancini, city councilman, former police officer, and personal friend of Frank Reagan.  Tony also says she fell down the stairs.

-Angela shoots Tony at her apartment.  He says she went crazy when he tried to break it off.  She says he threatened her when she tried to break it off and she was defending herself.

-When Danny gets stonewalled, Frank uncovers that Tony has an undocumented history of abusing his girlfriends.  He convinces Tony to testify the shooting was an accident.  Tony threatens to pull his votes for Frank's budget.

-Linda goes back to work as a nurse in the ER.

Blue Bloods
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Does Barney's sell nurse shoes?


We haven't asked you any questions how do you know you've got nothing to say?