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-Frank meets with Whitney Rabshaw from the ACLU to discuss police relations. Sparks fly and the two go out for drinks to continue their debate. When Erin sees a picture of the two of them together, she's upset because Whitney is her friend and her age.


-Frank eventually tells Whitney it won't work out.


-Danny gets a new partner, Det. Jordan Baez. They've known one another for 10 years. When an off duty officer gets his weapon stolen when he tries to stop a bank robbery and it's used to shoot a man, Danny and Jordan investigate.


-The bank robbers, Dylan and Sylvie are a Bonnie and Clyde type claiming to be stealing from the banks to punish their guilty CEOs but they also rob a Rave party for cash when they need to get out of town.


-Sylvie is caught when she tries to check on the man Dylan shot in the bank robbery but she won't give up Dylan. When the police and FBI corner Dylan after a chase, Danny begs him to turn himself in for Sylvie's sake. Instead he opens fire on the police and is shot and killed.


A group called Citizens for Police Accountability stalk the Reagan family and take pictures claiming if the police have surveillance cameras then they can take pictures of the commissioners family. They spook Jana, a sexual assault victim who is about to be a witness in Erin's prosecution.


-In the end, Jana still decides to take the stand.

Blue Bloods
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Blue Bloods Season 3 Episode 17 Quotes

You know, if we had a balcony and some water balloons we could really have some fun.


Garrett: They call themselves the Citizens for Police Accountability.
Frank: That's a mouthful.