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-At a town hall meeting at the Bitterman Projects, Hector Santiago, the boy Officer Vinny Cruz used to baby sit shoots Mayor Poole.


-With the mayor recovering from surgery, Public Advocate Grace Newhouse takes over as mayor. She tells Frank she wants to see "shock and awe" from the PD and threatens his job if it doesn't happen. 


-Jamie gets information that may help get Hector to talk but the detectives in charge don't seem to care. Jamie believes Hector is being abused by the detectives or other officers and goes to Frank who removes the detectives from the case.


-Hector tells Jamie who told him to fire the gun but says he was told the gun was just a toy.


-Danny arrests Santana's girlfriend when she is caught with his drugs. Santana orders a hit on her in prison.  From her hospital bed, she agrees to testify against Santana.


-Frank had the NYPD raid the Bitterman Projects where over 40 arrests are made of gang members including their leader, Santana.


-Linda asks the entire family to come with her, Danny, and the kids on a beach vacation. Everyone agrees.


Blue Bloods
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Blue Bloods Season 3 Episode 23 Quotes

We're going to do what my mother used to tell us kids to do on a rainy day. We're going to go make our own fun.


I can be your top cop Grace. It doesn't make me your guy. World of difference there.