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-Ted Kramer, a Wall Street broker and high stakes gambler is murdered. He owed over a million dollars to the Russian mob. When Danny tries to make a case against his friend, Terry who ran the poker games he finds out that Henry Reagan once played in the games.

-When Danny approaches Henry about the game, he is unapologetic but later admits it was a mistake.

-Danny uses a bookie who's a former cop to grab the black book that holds Henry's name but it only manages to get the man and Terry killed.

-Officer Montero shoots and kills a 14 year old boy he said had a gun, but no one can find the weapon.

-As the city verges on rioting, Frank finds out a shopkeeper took the gun and gets her to turn it over. Frank and the mayor, who's in a wheelchair since he was shot, decide to present the evidence together in a press conference.

Blue Bloods
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Blue Bloods Season 4 Episode 7 Quotes

You don't lean towards them do you. You always lean towards your own.


Eddy: Don't take this the wrong way, you drive just like my grandmother.
Jamie: Well you drive like my brother when he was 14.