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-Jamie mentors Tomas at the Juvenile Robbery Intervention Program. When Tomas' former gang members chase him down, Jamie takes off after them. In the chase, one of the boys is hit by a car and may be paralyzed. His parents sue Jamie and the NYPD.

-Tomas eventually backs up Jamie's story but is beaten for it. Jamie petitions his father to add a rehoming component to the JRIP program to help kids get away from the criminal element trying to drag them down in their neighborhoods.

-Inspector General Kelly Peterson wants to dismantle the JRIP because of the lawsuit. Frank tells her he'll fight her on it. When Frank receives personal photos of Kelly in the mail, he gives them to her telling her he fights hard but he doesn't fight dirty.

-Danny's ex-girlfriend from high school calls him when her fiance Joe Frye hits her but she won't press charges. When Danny suspects he's dealing steroids at his fitness center, Baez goes undercover to take him down.

-Linda isn't thrilled that the ex shows up at their house and deletes Danny's phone number from the woman's cell phone before sending her away.

Blue Bloods
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Blue Bloods Season 4 Episode 6 Quotes

Danny: Sounds like some guys over there beating on her.
Linda: Or she just turned up the volume on Maury Povich.

I guess it's just you and me and the duck.