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NYPD investigates when a new type of heroin known as Bogeyman turns out to be deadly. At a party, Nicky calls 911 as two party goers OD on the drug. 

Danny and Det. Baez get a lead on the supplier and eventually link it back to a security firm that contracts in Afghanistan. They use their connections to ship medical supplies and drugs back to the states. 

Danny and Baez find the dealers stash as well as other members behind the scheme. The NYPD eventually obtains the deadly supply and a large cache of weapons. 

Frank tries to convince Kelly to find support for a heroin buy back program to save lives until they stem the source. When it's leaked the press, he blames her. 

Frank later finds out that Kelly's son was an addict who was high when killed in a car accident. He apologizes and the two share a bottle of wine while watching football. 

Eddie wants to help Morgan, a young woman who was arrested for stealing a purse. After her arraignment, Eddie and Jamie attempt to drive her home but Morgan ditches them. 

Blue Bloods
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Blue Bloods Season 4 Episode 12 Quotes

It's not tainted aspirin or a bad batch of hamburger. It's pure heroin. You can't just issue a consumer recall.


Whatever the distribution tier is they've got the city covered. This rolled out like the new i-Phone.