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-Movie Star Russell Berke shadows Danny for research on a new movie. Berke calls Danny when he gets stabbed by an attacker targeting gays. Russell is reluctant to come forward and come out of the closet.


-Danny helps keep his identity a secret while having him track down their attacker who has killed a gay tourist. 


-Frank feels he's losing touch with the rank and file and starts doing surprise inspections. It uncovers a Lieutenant whom Frank fears is drinking on the job and ducking out early as his men cover for him. 


-Turns out the Lt. has a wife dying from ALS and is moonlighting as a bartender to help pay the medical bills.


-Jamie and Eddie get multiple calls from a woman complaining about her male neighbor doing yoga in the nude in front of an open window.

Blue Bloods
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Blue Bloods Season 4 Episode 2 Quotes

I always feel like a wet blanket at the retirement parties. Like the fun starts after I walk out the door.


You had a lot longer honeymoon with the rank and file than I got.