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-Danny investigates a murder suspect, Raul Delgado who is an informant for Homeland Security.  When he arrests Delgado anyway, the man freaks out in court, attacks a guard, steals his gun and shoots Erin. He then takes Erin hostage to make his escape.


-Danny tries to talk Delgado down, eventually using a Reagan family code phrase "don't hurt my family," to tell her to drop to the floor. Danny shoots Delgado.


-Erin's ex ends up spending the night with her after the incident.


-Jamie gets suspended after disobeying orders when a Lieutenant orders him to leave the side of an 8 year old accident victim. 


-Frank chooses to let Jamie take the suspension instead of riding to his rescue, even though he believes he did the right thing. 

Blue Bloods
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Blue Bloods Season 4 Episode 3 Quotes

Baker: Think you can handle another round?
Frank: Better eat your spinach.

First murder of the week and in broad daylight. I love this city.