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-Officer Laurie Collins is shot and killed during an armed robbery.  Danny leads a witness into picking out the right suspect, Angelo Reid. 


-Erin won't press charges because she knows the witness testimony won't hold up.  Police officers begin not showing up to testify in court in protest of her decision. Erin's boss is furious.


-Frank calls an end to the Blue Flu. The Reagan family dinner is tense with Henry inferring that Erin is disloyal to the family. 


-Erin and Danny decide to work together to trick Angelo. Erin offers him a deal but he must write down his confession. Then Danny tricks him into rejecting the plea deal. Angelo doesn't realize that the confession is still evidence and he's charged with murder.


-Jamie gets a new partner. Eddie is a young, female who just graduated from the academy. 

Blue Bloods
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Blue Bloods Season 4 Episode 1 Quotes

We decline to charge suspects every day. Many of them are guilty but you still need evidence.


Jamie: I thought I was just another cop.
Frank: You are. You're also a lawyer and you'll understand the why of this more than most.