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Danny's son wants to ask a girl he's friends with out on a date. She says yes. Danny offers him advice on what to do on the date. Jack takes the girl ice skating with Danny and Linda in tow. Danny goes out of his way to give Linda the same candy they had on their date long ago.

Danny and Baez work the case when Nicholas Biancho kills a hit man who broke into his home. It turns out Biancho hired the hitman to kill his own wife when he found he she was cheating on him but then changed his mind. When he couldn't call off the hit, he killed the hitman. 

The case of Suzanne Taylor which Erin prosecuted 12 years prior is reopened by her son, Justin who is now and attorney and believes his mother is innocent. Erin begins to believe he might be right until DNA evidence proves Suzanne was in the convenience store during the robbery/murder. Suzanne had been lying to her son all of these years.

Erin is so impressed by Justin's handling of the case, she offers him a job in the District Attorney's office. 

Gormley submitted Danny and Baez for a medal for valor. Frank turns it down because of the conflict of interest but then second guesses himself, asking Henry and Garrett for advice and gets conflicting opinions. In the end Danny and Baez get their medals. Then at Sunday dinner, Henry presents Frank with the medal he had wanted to give him decades before but didn't.

Blue Bloods
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Blue Bloods Season 5 Episode 13 Quotes

Why don't you pretend that Danny's last name isn't Reagan and decide if he deserves a medal based on the merit's of the case.


I hate wearing my dress blues. How about that?