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Chief Kent receives a second star for his work taking down gangs in New York City then goes to lunch with his wife and they are both gunned down in cold blood. Frank is devastated by his friends’ death. He puts Danny on the case but he wants it done completely by the book.

Erin is sent the precinct to make sure the case is investigated in a way that it will stand up in court. When Danny and Baez bring in Mario Hunt, member of the Warrior Kings, Erin says they have to let him go because there isn’t enough evidence to arrest him. 

Danny goes to Frank and tries to resign from the case. Already upset, Frank denies his request. Danny and Baez convince their one witness, Hector Flores to testify. Hector was also shot during the shooting  and is in the hospital where Linda works. Now there is enough evidence to arrest Mario but no one can find him. Danny and Baez try to make a deal with Clinton Wallace, the head of the Warrior Kings who is currently in prison. Wallace laughs and says they may need to worry about their witness in the hospital as he may take a turn for the worse.

At the hospital, Curtis, the son of a friend of Linda’s who also works at the hospital, steps into Hector’s room with a gun. He says the gang has given him no choice and he tells Linda to leave. She says it is her job to protect her patient. The screen goes to black and two shots ring out. 

Blue Bloods
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Blue Bloods Season 5 Episode 21 Quotes

With all due respect I can't work a homicide in tap shoes.


There comes a time to rule by fear and not by the book.