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A mentally unstable man is tazered by police in Times Square and is killed when he falls into oncoming traffic. The mayor refuses to let Frank talk to the officer involved or to the press about the case.

Later, that officer is almost killed when he drinks and gets into an accident. He had earlier admitted to Frank that he should have cleared the traffic first and is overwhelmed with guilt. 

Baez is injured when the transport she and Danny are chaperoning is attacked by a drug cartel looking to steal their drugs back. Later, Baez finds out her brother, Javi is an informant for the DEA and is involved in the case.  Javi is killed when he jumps in front of a bullet to save his sister's life.

While responding to a domestic dispute call, Jamie overreacts when the man attacks Eddie. Later Renzulli confronts Jamie about his feelings for his partner but Jamie swears there's no personal aspect to their relationship.

Blue Bloods
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Blue Bloods Season 5 Episode 1 Quotes

Frank: You have no idea what goes into those press conferences.
Sgt. Gormley: Well, I know what doesn't. The truth.

What was missing was you putting it in perspective for the media vultures out there looking for any opportunity to tear down cops.

Sgt. Gormley