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Brett Madison, a reality cooking show star is stabbed to death. Marty Dustin was his mentor but the two fought all the time and he’s the prime suspect until Brett’s Russian realtor points the finger at Victor, a 16-year-old kid who confesses to the crime a little too quickly. Danny and Baez don’t believe he did it but is being paid to take the fall for someone else. They get a former employer to wear a wire on the realtor and find out it was his assistant, Elena who killed Brett because he wasn’t going to pay his rent.

Senator Ted McCreary is pulled over with his Deputy Chief of Staff, Jlll Weinstein driving. She’s intoxicated and gives the officer a hard time. The Senator gives the officer the Police Commissioner’s courtesy card. The Senator wants Frank to make her DUI go away. He doesn’t want their affair to get out and threatens to bring a questionable incident from Frank’s past as a police officer back into the spotlight. Frank not only doesn’t give in to the Senator’s threats, he calls Ms Farrell, the reporter and agrees to do an on camera interview to discuss the rumors about the incident in question. 

Jamie and Eddie follow a crowd playing a game on their phones and find an unconscious woman, Christina Henley, lying shirtless in Washington Park. She thinks her ex, Trevor drugged her because she decided to change sides on an augmented reality game, Iconic Siege. Trevor says that he broke up with Christina and she’s crazy. It becomes a game of he said / she said that has Jamie and Eddie arguing over who is telling the truth.

With encouragement from his family, Jamie looks into Trevor’s college record and finds two complaints for stalking. When Jamie and Eddie decide to check up on Christina, they stop Trevor as he is attacking her.    


Blue Bloods
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Blue Bloods Season 5 Episode 20 Quotes

Senator McCreary: Jess Weinstein, my Deputy Chief of Staff. She masterminded my last campaign. She's sharp as a tac.
Frank: Until she becomes as dumb as a box of rocks with one of my officers.

The poor get pushed out but murder gets to stay.