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The US Marshals go back on a deal Danny and Baez help put together to put Javier Rojas in WITSEC after he testifies against a major drug dealer. With a price on his head, Rojas goes to Danny for help before he is killed. 

Lt. Carver tells Danny and Baez they have no choice but to turn Rojas loose but they protect him anyway and Carver finds out. Later they try to strong arm the US Marshals by going to the press but Carver saves the day by reaching out to the Chief of Detectives to put pressure on the US Marshals. They put Rojas deal back in place but Danny and Baez get chewed out by Carver for disobeying orders. 

Police Officer Taylor's body camera goes out during an altercation with Mr. Prince on the street. Prince says he was beaten and it was unprovoked. The Officer says Prince went after him. Frank faces a lot of bad press and pressure from the police union while he waits to find out if the camera malfunctioned or was turned off. 

Learning the camera had malfunctioned, Frank also gets an eyewitness to turn over their video footage of the incident which proves the Officer's story. 

Nicky's friend Hannah, a freshman in college comes to see Erin. She says another student, Darren Bentley, a soccer player raped her in the dorms three months ago.  The school held a disciplinary meeting but didn't punish Darren. 

Erin finds out that the Dean of Students held back a key piece of evidence, Hannah's torn and bloodied skirt, supposedly in order to protect the school from bad press. When Erin lacks enough evidence to charge Darren with rape, she charges the Dean of Students with hindering prosecution and withholding evidence. 

Blue Bloods
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Blue Bloods Season 5 Episode 8 Quotes

Nicky: A lot of people don't trust cops. It's a fact.
Henry: Let them try living without us for a week.

In my experience, in these situations Officer Taylor is blue.

Sgt. Gormley