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Curtis Turner fires at Linda and Hector, lying in his hospital bed, until his clip is empty. Then he runs. Linda gets up and tries to save Hector as the trauma team rushes but they can’t save him. As the trauma team leaves, the doctor notices that Linda is bleeding. She was shot twice in the back but the adrenaline rush masked it. She is rushed into surgery just as Danny and Jamie arrive at the scene.

Linda survives but one bullet is left inside her as they say it’s too close to her spine to be safely removed. The entire family gathers around her bedside but she sends them away to do their work. 

Frank finds Curtis’ mother in the hospital chapel and gets her to tell him where to find Curtis. Danny and Baez find him trying to board a subway to the airport to flee the state. Curtis refuses to implicate the Warrior Kings because they’ve threatened his mother. 

Frank uses Chief Kent’s books as inspiration to break the case using “the enemy of my enemy is my friend.” Danny arrest about 20 members of a rival gang who are gambling in the park at night. Erin is furious and calls Frank but Gormley arrives to explain Danny’s strategy was to flush out the gang leader which works. They get him to give them a lead on Mario Hunt, the man who killed Chief Kent and his wife. 

When Hunt runs from the police, he ends up dangling from a rooftop. Danny saves him and he confesses but as his life was in danger, Erin explains that the confession won’t stand up in court. Danny takes a different tact. Curtis’ mother shows up looking as though she’s been beaten up by the Warrior Kings and she convinces Curtis to confess, implicate Mario and take a deal for Witness Protection. Turns out that his mother wasn't hurt. She sat down with a makeup artist in order to fool her son and save his life. Then Mario flips on the head of the Warrior Kings, Clinton Wallace.

Frank visits Wallace in prison but he laughs when he hears he’s being charged with Chief Kent’s murder along with that of his wife, Hector’s murder and Linda’s shooting, since he’s already doing a life sentence and New York state doesn’t have the death penalty. Frank explains that Chief Kent also worked for the DEA which made him a Federal officer. His murder is a federal case and the Fed’s have the death penalty. Franks tells Wallace he’s being transferred to Federal prison in Indiana and that he should expect to see Frank wave from the observation room when he’s executed. 


Blue Bloods
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Blue Bloods Season 5 Episode 22 Quotes

Doing the right thing is rarely easy.


Frank: What are you trying to do, join the family business?
Linda: Well, as another Reagan once said, Honey I forgot to duck.