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Danny and Baez investigate the murder of Diego Torres who lived in the low income housing portion of a luxury building. Diego was dating Rada Radchenko, daughter of Ivan Radchenko, former KGB agent who lives in the penthouse.

A half a kilo of cocaine is found in Diego’s closer but no other aspect of the school teacher’s life points to drug use or dealing. Ivan even offered him $200,000 to leave his daughter but says he was satisfied when Diego turned it down.

Danny and Baez uncover video footage of a former KGB enforcer nodding to Ivan in the building the day Diego was killed. Baez shows the photos to Rada who immediately recognizes the man and realizes what her father has done. She goes back to Diego’s apartment and commits suicide.There isn’t enough evidence to prosecute Ivan for Diego’s murder but he is devastated. 

A former partner of Lt. Gormley’s is in the middle of a controversy when the papers report he owns a $300,000 Ferrari. Turns out he’s flipping real estate after his narcotics unit does raid in the buildings. Unfortunately he’s cutting corners and illegally evicting tenants. Frank wonders if Gormley is cut out for working at 1PP. Gormley turns the evictions over the the DA’s office but allows the detective to keep his job although he makes it clear that even the smallest infraction moving forward will lead to his dismissal.

Jamie and Eddie chase down two perps, one of which shoots another cop. The suspect without the gun, Wallace is shot and later is dying of an infection. Jamie and Eddie play good cop worse cop to get him to give up his partner but Jamie later feels guilty for the man who lays dying alone. Wallace gives up his partners location and Jamie manages to track down Wallace’s mother before he dies. 

Blue Bloods
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Blue Bloods Season 5 Episode 14 Quotes

Eddie: Guy's a real box of rocks.
Jamie: You don't got to pass a test to become a criminal.

Oh you need help. Thirty seconds ago you were trying to kill us. Now you need help.