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When Danny and Baez are called to the scene of a dead woman found in the woods they quickly realize that this section is a body dumping ground for a serial killer murdering white females in their late teens. The girls were killed with a hammer to the head and strangled after the fact. There are also signs of post-mortem sexual assault. While at the scene, a reporter gets Danny to say that if the killer was smart, he’d turn himself in. 

A fourth body is found. It’s new and it has a note on it that says, “Detective Reagan, Now let’s see who’s the smart one…:)” Danny chastises himself for saying anything to the reporter. 

Danny and Baez find a possible survivor who got away after being hit in the head with a hammer five times. She may have been his first victim. The killer calls Danny. He says that he’s helping these women release their souls and that he’s smarter than Danny. He puts Ashley on the phone, his latest victim he’s holding and is about to kill. Ashley begs Danny to save her and then the killer hangs up. 

Danny doesn’t want to talk about the case over the Reagan Sunday family dinner. Frank tells the rest of the family to let it drop. 

Danny meets with Ashley’s mother and finds out Ashley was going to look at an apartment, same as two of the other victims. He calls Baez he finds a realtor the woman may have met with who is also a sex offender. Baez gives Danny his address but tells him to wait until she gets there. He doesn’t. 

Danny break in, find Ashley still alive but the killer hits him in the head with a hammer. The fight and Danny is injured while the killer gets away. Later, the killer calls Danny. He’s starting over elsewhere. 

A prisoner who was brought into the hospital after having been badly beaten asks for Eddie. She’s shocked to see that it’s her father. None of the prison guards want to look into the beating so Jamie and Eddie decide to do it themselves and find that none of the corrections officers stories match up. 

Eddie and Jamie visit her father’s old cell mate who’s been released. The assault took place in the laundry room and the cell mate says that it’s known as the prison black market, where drugs and weapons are sold. Eddie accuses her father of bringing drugs into the prison. He says he got beat up for refusing to smuggle the drugs inside. He’s now a whistle blower. He’s the only one willing to give testimony against the prison guards. He’s getting a transfer to Federal prison and they might reduce his sentence. This may be a new beginning for he and Eddie. 

The mayor thinks Erin should put in an application for judgeship but Frank is leery of what the mayor might expect in return. 

Katherine Tucker is running against the mayor and she wants to know why Frank is investigating her husband. She threatens to fire Frank if she gets elected mayor. Frank doesn’t know anything about the investigation but looks into it.  Lt. John Larkin assigned to the mayor’s detail was spearheading an investigation into Charles Tucker’s real estate development firm. Mayor Poole ordered the investigation. The only thing it uncovered was that Charles was having an affair but the mayor hasn’t been given that information yet. 

Frank stops the investigaton and refuses to turn the findings over to the Mayor, who threatens to fire him for it. Frank meets with Katherine and tells her their was an investigation and exactly what it uncovered but refuses to confirm that the mayor ordered the investigation in the first place. 


Blue Bloods
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Blue Bloods Season 6 Episode 2 Quotes

Mayor Poole: Who are you trying to protect?
Frank: Nobody in particular, just the standards of this office.

Baez: Why don't people get killed in high end spas or nice handbag stores:
Danny: What fun would that be?