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A cop shoots a 17-year-old robbery suspect in the street. The body cam video shows the suspect had a knife and was approaching the officer. He kept saying, he did nothing but he had stolen property from a robbery on his person. Witnesses are adamant that the officer did not need to shoot him. Mayor Poole agrees and refuses to wait for the investigation before condemning the officer. 

The Grand Jury declines to indict Officer Russell but someone leaks the body cam footage. The Mayor, unhappy with the grand jury’s decision, orders an independent investigation of the incident. 

Officer Hayes is shot through the window of his patrol car. There are lots of bystanders but not one of them will say which way the shooter ran off. Officer Hayes survives but he blames the incident on Jamie and Eddie for not lying and saying they were with Officer Russell when his shooting took place. He thinks that if they had, there wouldn’t be such anger against cops on the street. 

Frank thinks the Mayor leaked the video but Erin tells him the lead came from the courthouse and they’re tracking it down. Someone posts Officer Russell’s address online and his wife and kids are getting threatened. He transfers to Staten Island. 

Danny arrests Miguel Santana, who fits the description for Officer Hayes shooting but Miguel refuses to confess. Erin won’t charge him without more evidence. Danny and Baez find video of a woman who witnessed the shooting and convince her to identify the shooter. 

The Mayor is so upset that his comments may have led to Officer Hayes shooting that he considers resigning. 

The investigation leads to an ADA, Marta, who was second chair on the case. She felt the public had the right to see the video and she doesn’t regret releasing it. She’s fired, will most likely be disbarred and be brought up on charges. 

Frank convinces Mayor Poole to keep his job. The Mayor goes on TV announcing the attempted murder charges against Miguel Santana for the shoooting of Officer Hayes and admits that his comments about the earlier shooting were a mistake. He encourages the public to remain calm and let justice take its course. 


Blue Bloods
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Blue Bloods Season 6 Episode 22 Quotes

You're three times as likely to die from a stabbing as you are a gun shot.


People got agendas that got nothing to do with the truth.