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A group called Battle For Peace wants a permit to demonstrate at Veterans Memorial Plaza and they plan to burn the American Flag. Although flag burning is protected as free speech, Frank wants to talk to the head of the group, David Gore, beforehand. 

Frank and David meet but Frank can’t change his mind. He thinks that burning the flag is the only way to get attention to his message. Unfortunately his demonstration turns violent and David ends up with the hospital. He’s happy that his protestors were attacked and plans to stage the demonstration again. 

David claims the NYPD didn’t protect his protestors. Frank wants an investigation before the next rally. Gormley asks to be let out of the duty because the flag burning offends him but Frank says he needs to do his job. 

Frank changes the venue to Oakdale cemetery due to security reasons. David’s father was killed in Iraq and buried at Oakdale cemetery. David chooses not to burn the flag there. 

Jamie and Eddie talk to kids at school. One kid, Lilly, says cops are murderers because they killed her father for no reason. Jamie wants to help so he looks into the case. Lilly thinks that a couple of cops hassled her father and shot him. That’s what her mother and her grandmother told her. Jamie tells her that her father was selling drugs and pulled a gun on the police. That’s why he was shot. 

Later, Lilly goes missing. Jamie and Eddie head out to find her on their own time. They find her, talk to her and manage to get her to go home. Later the police officer who shot her father talks to her and accepts some help. 

Danny is under investigation by the DA’s office because his former partner from seven years ago, Detective Darryl Reed is suspected of planting blood evidence on suspect Marcus Donovan’s shirt during a double homicide case. Donovan was convicted based on that evidence. Danny insists that Reed was a good cop and didn’t do it. Erin risks her career by telling Danny to get an attorney.

Danny goes to meet with Darryl Reed. Reed admits to Danny that he planted the evidence. Erin later tells Danny that he’s been cleared but that Marcus Donovan’s conviction has been overturned. There may be a new trial but the evidence is thin. Danny wants Erin to offer Donovan a deal to try and keep him behind bars.

Donovan refuses to take the deal. Erin tells Danny that there is insufficient evidence to proceed with a new trial. Danny has 48 hours to build a case before the DA’s office drops it. Reed is facing prison time and he refuses to help Danny rebuild the case. Danny finds an eye witness who saw Donovan shoot those people but he’s too scared to talk, even after all these years. Later the man comes back and agrees to testify. Turns out Reed threatened him to come forward. Danny chooses not to use his testimony and the case is dropped. 

Blue Bloods
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Blue Bloods Season 6 Episode 10 Quotes

Frank: Battle for Peace is an oxymoron.
Garrett: Emphasis on moron.

Only a fool seeks peace by inciting violence.