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Frank is upset because Mayor Poole still hasn’t personally asked him to re-sign as Police Commissioner but is planning a ceremony for him to sign the papers anyway. 

When a cop is shot and killed, Erin realizes that she recently allowed the shooter to enter the Fresh Start program for non-violent offenders instead of doing time. Turns out Frank is against the Fresh Start program while the Mayor backs it. 

The officer’s widow comes to talk to Erin. Instead she slaps her in front of the entire office and walks out. Erin asks Frank to stay out of it and tells him she still backs the program. Adrian Cooke claims he didn’t shoot Officer Gibson but there is surveillance footage of him tossing a gun off a bridge but when the gun is found in the river, it’s not the gun that killed the officer but it has Cooke’s fingerprints on it. Turns out that Adrian Cooke robbed a liquor store while the police officer got shot. 

Erin and Anthony track down a car jacking that took place blocks away from the officer’s shooting. Turns out the car jacker was a the killer. Officer Gibson’s widow returns and apologizes to Erin for hitting her. Mayor Poole sends Erin two dozen red roses to say he’s sorry for all she went through in supporting the Fresh Start program. 

Danny and Baez investigate when Officer Kenneth Nelson fails to show up for roll call. His partner tells them that Officer Nelson lost his 7-year-old son to leukemia two years ago and hasn’t been the same since. When they go to Nelson’s home, his wife is belligerent and tells them they’ve been separated for six months and won’t give them any further information. 

Officer Nelson used to work at Jamie and Eddie’s precinct. Jamie tells Danny that he never saw anything himself but there was a rumor that Nelson was into drugs. Danny and Baez realize that his partner spoke to him on the phone right before he missed his shift. The partner says he told him he’d cover for him until he checked himself into rehab but he never did. 

Danny and Baez track Nelson down and he’s high. Baez begs Danny to bring Nelson to rehab instead of turning him in. She says that addiction affects one out of ten people and that means it could even affect one of Danny’s family members some day. Danny scoffs but he does take Nelson to rehab.

Frank makes another trip to see the Mayor and the two work things out. The Mayor asks Frank to continue to be his Police Commissioner and he accepts. 

Blue Bloods
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Blue Bloods Season 6 Episode 15 Quotes

Mayor Poole: Sorry to keep you waiting, Frank.
Frank: It's what we do, you and I.

Adrian: I was jogging.
Erin: Jogging? In jeans, a hoodie, and work boots.