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At a police protest, Jamie knock over a cyclist who is about to run into a woman and her child. The cyclist ends up in intensive care, unconscious with a head injury, and no one comes forward saying they saw the woman and child. Even Eddie didn’t have a clear view. It leads Reverend Potter and his cohort Jerry Guerrero to call for Jamie to be brought up on charges and the entire Reagan family to resign. 

Jamie is investigated and is upset when the investigators come after him, trying to make it sound as though Eddie has turned against him. Eddie is angry that he doesn’t trust her.  Jamie even complains about his modified duty to Frank and laments the consequences of his last name.

Danny and Baez are assigned the case of a woman, Diane who says she was drugged after the protest while in Jerry’s hotel room for a meeting and that she woke up to find Jerry raping her. Jerry claims it was consensual and that the Reagan mob is setting him up. It turns out that Diane did set Jerry up but she had her own personal reasons for doing so. 

Reverend Potter accuses Frank of setting Jerry up and claims that their may be video or witnesses that could back up Jamie’s story, but he wants a seat on the police civilian oversight board. Frank refuses but latter, Danny and Baez show up with a warrant at the Reverend’s office where they find video that clears Jamie. 

Erin prosecutes Chuck McMurder, a rapper for killing a man when the exact details of the case show up in the lyrics of his song. Chuck’s parents come forward to say that he was with them that night at his mom’s birthday party but that Chuck made them delete all the photos. He doesn’t want anyone to know he’s really white and grew up in the suburbs.

Chuck ends up in jail. Erin tells him that if he didn’t do it she needs to know who did because the murderer obviously shared the details with Chuck. Chuck says that if he tells her, that person will kill him. Eventually Chuck comes clean but when the real murderer is arrested, he threatens Chuck and his entire family. 

Blue Bloods
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Blue Bloods Season 6 Episode 6 Quotes

Eight hour tours with all the other broken toys watching video monitors at housing projects. What's that about?


Eddie: How did it go?
Jamie: It wasn't the Spanish Inquisition but not for lack of trying.