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Jamie and Eddie go to a wedding on Long Island as friends. Jamie gets jealous when a cop from Long Island hits on Eddie and picks a fight, which ends up in a brawl that causes both he and Eddie to get thrown in county jail for the night. Afterward, Eddie points out that the fight was instigated by Jamie and that he needs to figure out what he does and doesn’t want. 

Later, Jamie invites Eddie out to slow dance and they ask one another what they might be missing out on and what they might be giving up. 

Father Phil comes to visit Frank. A 15-year-old boy in the parish has been missing for two days. Father Phil was told of his whereabouts during confession but he’s bound by a sacramental seal and can’t reveal the information. Frank goes to the Arch Bishop and gets him to turn over the church’s surveillance video, saying that there is a “credible threat” that he needs to follow up on. They boy is rescued. 

The Arch Bishop is furious when he realizes that the “credible threat” had nothing to do with terrorism and threatens to excommunicate Father Phil if he broke his oath. Frank assures him that he did not, in any way, then Frank heads to make his own confession. 

Lindsay Wentworth, an NYC socialite is found dead in a park. Lindsay’s husband says she left her cell phone at home but Danny and Baez find a cell phone on her body. Her sister says that Lindsay had two phones because she was a high-end hooker on the side. One of Linday’s clients threatened her when he couldn’t buy her exclusivity for $100,000, but he has an alibi. 

Danny calls a contact in the FBI. Apparently, there is a satellite that monitors soil erosion in the city. Danny gets photos from the satellite that show a taxi cab at the scene of the murder. They get the medallion number and trace the cab, which has its own internal video that show’s Lindsay’s husband is the murderer. 

At the Reagan family dinner, everyone makes fun of Jamie for spending the night in lockup, then they all share their own similar stories, much to everyone’s chagrin. 

Blue Bloods
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Blue Bloods Season 7 Episode 9 Quotes

Father Phil: I can't say.
Frank: Your voice is working just fine, Father.

Eddie: Who knows what to wear for a mid-week, Long Island destination wedding?
Jamie: I'm not sure ten stops out on the LIRR counts as a destination.